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  1. Andrew Brannon

    My new tire wont seat properly

    it also help a lot to let the tire & wheel sit in the sun to change or seat tires. If it's not very warm but sunny put them inside your truck & they will heat up & be much easier to work with.
  2. Andrew Brannon

    Hows Your YZ450F ?

    yeah I feel the same way, my 06 feels good at times and at other times I'm on the ground with no warning. I see Dunlop is making a 4 stroke specific 90/100-21 742FA. Has anyone with an 06 YZ450 or any other year tried this tire? I believe it is a little wider than 80/100-21... Thanks, Andy...
  3. Hey, I have a 2006 YZ450F and I am running the typical 80/100-21 front tire but never feel comfortable on fast sweeping corners or fast off camber turns. Does anyone have experience using a 90/100-21 D742FA front tire? This is a little wider right? I assume it should have more stability?? Thanks, Andy...