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  1. Hi Burger, what was your final verdict for the Mikuni? Last I recalled, yours ran great after the leaner slide and rejet
  2. I ended up ordering 480, 490, 500, 510 main jets and 35 & 40 pilot jets. RMATV has the Pro X brand jets for $2-$3 a piece. Between that and the JD kit, I should have every combination needed. For the price, I kinda regret buying the JD Kit now.
  3. Because the Mikuni needs more than the jet kit to run optimally. The kit doesn't take into consideration using the leaner 5.75 slide.
  4. I had a brain fart. I installed the VForce4R reeds, FMF exhaust and have the carb apart to rejet with the JD kit and 5.75 slide. The only problem is I never ordered a richer main so I am stuck with the stock 470 main. The JD kit only offers leaner mains.
  5. Specifically which year/model do you have?
  6. VHM advertises two heads (MX & SX). The SX head may have the low end emphasis you're looking for but each head is available in various compression ratios. Judging from the pic below, it looks like the cooling flow is A+. I have no experience with any cylinder head upgrades. I'm only pointing out other options available. Here's a pic of a '15 VHM head from MX Action's 150sx buildup: MXA TWO-STROKE FILES: INSIDE THE WRECKING CREW’S KTM 150SX Bud Racing has a head for our 150s as well. https://www.budracing-usa.com/us/cylinder-head-bud-racing.html
  7. https://www.langston-motorsports.com/products/vhm-2016-2017-ktm-150sx-cylinder-head-and-insert
  8. Doesn't the SX head fit on the XC-W? I was looking at their SX offerings. My apologies if they aren't interchangeable. The part# for the SX head is AA33157 and the inserts start with AE32260-(A/B/C/etc) http://www.vhm.nl/pricelist/vhm.pdf
  9. Has anybody compared an RK Tek to a VHM cylinder head? http://www.vhm.nl/docs/vhmcatalogus2017.pdf
  10. I just ordered the VForce4R Reeds from Amazon ($119), the 5.75 Kawi slide and JD jet kit both from RMATV. Let the fun begin!
  11. The shop I called was WMR. They're pretty big in the racing scene but maybe they were basing it off their 250cc results. Did you try sanding your reed cage to get a proper seal before upgrading to the VForce3/4? Is this the slide mod you were referring to? KTM and Husqvarna 300 Carburetor Slide Mod I bookmarked Ernie's thread. Thanks!
  12. Wow, I'm very thankful I found this thread! I spoke to the manager at my local KTM dealer here in FL about ordering the JD jet kit for my '17 150sx Mikuni carburetor and he said don't even bother, order a Lectron. I've found 0 Lectron reviews about 125cc/150cc bikes prior to this thread but praise from 250/300 owners so I was about to order one. The 250/300 guys have a dedicated Mikuni thread but us little guys do not. Hopsterj, you gave us a pretty solid framework to start with so I will follow your advice. Here's the summary of the jetting fixes you described: PURCHASE: RK Tek Insert VForce Reeds 5.75 Slide Mod (or 2003 KX125 slide) TUNING: (450ft above sea level, 46° degrees, 40:1) Check Float Level 1.5 Air Screw turns 5.75 Slide S1 Needle Jet 37.5 Pilot Jet Remaining Needle/Clip and Main are easy to figure out from there I do have some questions though: Will the 150sx take similar jetting even though the compression is different from the XC? Does the 150sx need the RK Tek insert also? The '18 models advertise being turned 7° to reduce overflow? Is this important?
  13. I agree. The diesel, tall roof and long EXT wheelbase options total $17,205 ! Ridiculous
  14. In this thread let's discuss the optimal 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, etc Ford Transit van to suit our motocross transportation requirements & desires. After seeing new options the revised Transits received in the U.S. in 2014, I think it's time to get one. They have 3 lengths, 3 roof heights, 3 engine choices and a lot of other options. As of right now, I would like a Long wheelbase (non Ext), Medium roof with the Ecoboost engine. On paper, it should be tall enough for me to stand in, fit 2 bikes, hold a ton of gear, still have room to spare and not be difficult finding a parking spot or maneuvering. What would you guys pick? Engines: 3.7L V6 Ti-VCT engine Gas (275 hp 260 tq) 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Turbo Gas (310 hp 400 tq) +$1,910 3.2L I5 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel (185 hp 350 tq) +$5,645 Wheelbases: Regular- 130" Long- 148" +$850 Long Ext- 148" +$6,430 Cargo Height: Low- 56.9" (4' 9") Medium- 72" (6') +$330 High- 81.5" (6' 10") +$5,130 Rear Cargo Door Opening Height: Low- 49.5" (4' 1") Medium- 64.9" (5' 5") High- 74.3" (6' 2") Cargo Length Front (at Floor): Regular- 126" (10' 6") Long- 143.7" (12') Long Ext- 172.2" (14' 4") Rear Axle Ratio: 3.31 (LSD available) 3.73 (LSD available) 4.10 (LSD available)
  15. 2-fiddy is right. You can look at pictures online all day until you're blue in the face trying to figure out the right dimensions but I really think you should go riding at an established track first. Go to an open practice and log in a bunch of laps having fun and memorizing the track. It will help you with building your own track by giving you a feel for how a jump or whoop section should be built. As far as the whoop sections go, they will take a lot of maintenance. Your best bet is to build it a little taller (so it takes longer to get worn down) and use machinery with tracks instead of wheels to pack it in the dirt better. Below are some links that I saved over time. There are some good notes and a lot of good pics for ideas/layouts. http://www.dirtwurx.com/track_tips.php http://www.mxtrackbuilders.com/ http://www.dirtrider...ad.php?t=143695 http://www.mxtrackbu...folio_home.html http://www.texastrackmasters.com/ http://www.dirt-bike...oss-tracks.html http://www.dirt-bike...nstruction.html PS: You can always go concrete for the whoops.