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  1. snobummin

    2000 RM 250 Torque settings for head

    I'll answer my own question now...11 then 18 according to my local dealer.
  2. Anybody have the torque setting for a 2000 RM 250 on the cylinder head? Thanks
  3. snobummin

    2000 rm250 new piston/rings but won't fire

    i've also been told to check the reeds....but not sure what i'm looking at....triangular part on the engine side of the carb. I know where they are, just not sure what i'm comparing to.
  4. snobummin

    2000 rm250 new piston/rings but won't fire

    i'm getting some spark, but i'm not sure what to compare it too. i've heard quarter inch...but i'm not sure what that really means.
  5. snobummin

    2000 rm250 new piston/rings but won't fire

    maybe i'm misunderstanding...its my brothers bike so i'm not too familiar. i've been keeping it for him and using it so i'm trying my best to fix it. I thought flywheels were adds to keep the bike running smooth while sallies like me go easy on the bike
  6. snobummin

    2000 rm250 new piston/rings but won't fire

    no flywheel on bike though...
  7. Engine seized on me 1-week ago. Pulled engine apart and removed busted piston. Flushed with gas/oil to remove debris. Took cylinder to cycle shop to inspect and verify piston size. New piston/rings arrived, shop installed new rings and sent me on my way. Put bike back together, kicked it first time and it started right up...then died. Hasn't started since. compression seems good....spark seems fine...gas is flowing into float chamber dumb question...is it possible the piston and spark timing is off? why would it kick over the first time and then die right away...seems like its starving for gas. however, i've tried dropping some gas into the cylinder head and starting but no luck. I haven't tried starter fluid/spray but I did try some carb/choke cleaner which is highly flammable. so now it seems like spark could be my problem? I'm using new spark plugs..BR8ES..fuels mixed at 32:1. spark plug appears to be getting wet. I can kick over the bike about 10-15 times and then it'll backfire. Any thoughts or suggestions..... Sincerely, Frustrated Newbie