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    Fuel Mixture Issues?

    45 and 60 - this is why I wrench on diesels for a living, carbs are greek to me:banghead:
  2. Hi guys. I am new to all of this and I just bought a '05 DRZ 400 SM. It is supposed to have a stroker crank, big bore and hot cams but I have not been into the engine to verify this. A friend of mine that has done similar work to his bike (DRZ) rode it and said it has definitely had work done to it. It also has a FCR 39, 3x3 air box mod and RS Yoshi exhaust. I pulled the carb. off to check jetting because it has a rough idle (or will not idle more than about 10 sec.) and mad decel pop. It has a 165 main jet and most of my riding is 1,000-1,500 ft. I have ridden the bike about 50 miles total and its way more fun than any bike I ever had even with its issues. So I need some jet specs , screw settings, and any other info you can pass along , thanks:worthy: