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  1. Somewhat old thread, I know, but I just found it. Wanted to kick in that I bought a ktm 105 sx from Bo at Cycle Specialty this spring just on line, used, never saw it in person, just pix, and had it shipped up here to MA. Mr. Bobbitt was quite patient with me, and sold me a quality bike with a new top end and kickstarter (shaft had broken). I would also say, based on my experience, that Cycle Specialty in GA treated me real good, and sold a decent bike to me at a good price. Was also good with reasonable shipping costs. thumbsup
  2. ace57

    lowering a 125sx

    Mike in Fresno, thanks very much for that response, it was thorough and informative. The x bushing by synergy looks VERY promising if it will fit my suspension, (which I think it will) and if I can really lower an inch, that would be great! for $55 bones plus install, thats a cheap lowering thanks again man BTW other posters, I am not a young female, but an old man who weighs much more than either Tresa or Kiwi ! So options for my fatass are a little different.... ace57
  3. ace57

    lowering a 125sx

    Hey people, Question, can a 125sx be lowered easily, and by about how much? They don't make a "kouba link" for it. I'm 5'6" and like my 2006 125sx, but I HATE being on tiptoes when starting or maneuvering the bike. I already put a KTM lower seat on it, but still on the toes. My inseam is 28-29 I'd like to lower it like 2 more inches. Any help? thanks ace57
  4. i got an fmf Q that seemed to mellow it a little, also with a spark arrestor. Just in case the enviro gendarmes decide to check me out. got to offroad plate it in liberal-way-left-of-center Massachusetts to be politically correct....rant over. ace57
  5. ace57

    just picked up a new bike......

    now THATS a sweet fiddy ace57
  6. i'll try your throttle suggestion rippen.... mine is wicked touchy or i just haven't figured out the technique. i got an fmf for my ktm, however i will say i got a pro circuit T4 on my pitbike, and its got a great sound and construction. ace57
  7. u so krazy kain! I had a sporty but never jumped it. ...did try to get my road king to lift up the front wheel, sorta could do that if i reeely goosed the clutch:lol: i dk i got sick of the hardely "scene" seemed there were so many posers and billybadasses out there...stupid to me ace57
  8. ace57

    full boots

    I have to agree, its a frickin pain in the ass with my boots on my klx110, and i have the fox shorty boots. of course, the boot on the 1/2 boot is still as chunky as a full moto boot. I've been trying to find something else, kinda like a compromise btwn a mx boot and a hiking boot?? haven't found it yet tho... ace57
  9. all i can say, and i ain't no expert, that i weigh 175 or so and my 125sx hauls ass......and it hauls my ass too. My main problem is that its a tall bike, even tho i bought a low seat, with my 28-29 inseam its kind of a tippy-toe thing, much different than my modded klx 110 ! ace57
  10. well, i wasn't clear, it was a used 144, not new, i dk what year. it was from a dealer up here in MA... I assume your price was for a new one. I bought my 125sx from cliffs cycles in norfolk MA, a good dealer, IMO, i paid 3250 for my '06. That might have been a little high, but the one of the owner's sons owned it and was dealer maintained, and in real nice shape. whatever its only money:rolleyes: i love to see women riders, you go girl! (i don't mean that disrespectfully) ace57
  11. I ride both track and trail, but the tracks are "secret" ones in the woods, not official like. I'm just getting back into dirtbike riding after 4 years on harleys...........prefer the dirt now.............can't jump an HD! I almost bought a 144, but the dealer wanted tooo much for it (4200 used) plus i was a little scared off by the occasional horror story about the engines tanking.....but i think everything was straightened up with that? They are calling the 144 a 150 now i think? I'm sure you love the bike, it sounds real torquey, have fun with it:smirk: ace57
  12. thanks for the response. guess there aren't many of us out there, or no one wanted to reply to this thread lol. you are right! about riding the bike cold, she definately doesn't like that. And my 125 is a leetle bit touchy about starting, gotta kick it just right. you are lucky to have some space to wind your 125 out, i dont' think i've ever even hit sixth gear! have fun with your ride, all i've done "extra" is an fmf Q pipe, and a skid plate. cya ace57
  13. Hi, Just wondering what people feel about the 125sx, whether you like them, what kind of riding do ya do with it, any important upgrades, tips whatever?? I purchased an '06 125sx and like it, obviously its geared more for tracks, the woods/rocks were interesting with it:thinking: However, it handles real good and is pretty predictable over rocks or with jumps so far... ...just wondering any feedback thanks ace57
  14. ace57

    End pipe for sx125?

    I got a FMF Q .... (or was it Q4) It doesn't sound any quieter than stock to me......but maybe I have hearing loss worse than I thought... ace57
  15. ace57

    Pitbike practice @ Capeway Rovers

    Well, perhaps "scared" was the wrong adjective...I'm new into pitbikes and I don't want to slow anyone up on the track. Maybe "self conscious" would be a more accurate description... So, I guess I was a little serious, although scared sounds kinda wimpy:thinking: Sounds like a blast tho......... really can't wait to get my klx110mod out on the dirt! ace57