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  1. steve321

    Would not start after trailering?

    it's a mystery, wrappend in an enigma - i guess. well she's running fine now. i guess i'll just have to never trailer them again. thanks guys. sre
  2. steve321

    Would not start after trailering?

    the bowl was drained during the carb cleaning. but it still would not fire up until it was push started. it makes no sense. the starter was turning over fine. this has to have happened to someone else. sre
  3. steve321

    Would not start after trailering?

    Good point. the stator change involved an oil change. i wasnt looking for fuel in there but i suppose i would have noticed the smell when i dropped the plug. any other theories? sre
  4. About a month ago my dad rode his '02 DRZ400S to go pick up his truck that had been serviced. Like always, he loaded the bike in the bed and brought it home. He pushed the bike into his garage and left it there for a week or so. When he brough it out, it refused to start. It would turn over as well as ever but would not hit. I will spare you the details of what he and I did over the next three weeks trying to trouble shoot it but it involved a carb clean and a new Ricky stator (there was a point in time when we weren't getting a spark) We finally gave up and took it to a good friend of ours that had more time working on bikes that both of us put together and doubled. He checked everything over again and couldn't see any reason for it to not start. So, as a last ditch effort he tried to push start it. It fired right up and all is well again. DOUBLE So, as best I can figure the ride in the back of the truck caused something to happen carb-wise. I have heard of and seen first hand where folks would trailer a bike to ride and it would be a b!tch to start. I guess I didn't realize that this was happening to us too. Who out here has had that happen to them and what do you all think I could/should do to prevent it in the future? For the record, I have trailered my KLR several times to far away campgrounds and riding areas and I have trailered this same DRZ several times too but this has never happened to me. (and the easy answer is to not trailer but feel free to suggest it again ) sre
  5. steve321

    What would cause 1 spark only?

    i suspect your battery is crapped out on ya. there feel better? sre
  6. steve321

    How to remove 2004 crf230 baffle

    Do any of you guys still have their removed baffle? I have a 2003 230F and just want to take it back to stock so the kids can putter around on it. (need a heat shield too) sre
  7. steve321

    Washed bike won't start.

    My guesses, in order are... loose connections at the battery or it's a flat battery. sre
  8. steve321

    Hydro-locked... BEYOND FRUSTRATED...

    The "will fire off starting fluid but not from the carb" part sort of negates this question but I'll ask it anyways... Are you gettting compresion? Maybe some crud got up under a valve and is holding it open. sre
  9. steve321

    Cam Chain Guides XT350

    I have an '88 XT350 that has munched one of the cam chain guides. As I understand it, the engine didn't change a lot during the XT350 model years. I have found a set on ebay that state they came out of an '87 model. Would i be correct in ASSuming that they would fit the 88 model? Also, is there a thread in here somewhere that would give more info on the evolution of the bike? sre
  10. steve321

    Clunk into first gear from a stop.

    yep. i got that bassakwards. it sounds like you have no problem PW go out and ride. sre
  11. steve321

    Clunk into first gear from a stop.

    Hey PW. Try this. 1)While in Neutral and engine running, grab the clutch and drop it into first. You'll probably still hear that clunk. Now, without releasing the clutch, shift back to neutral give it a second or two and go back to first. Did it still clunk? 2)Try the same thing but release and regrab the clutch while it is in neutral. Did it clunk that time? If it clunks the second time but not the first time, then it is just the clutch stack like the others have said. If it clunks both times, I'm out of guesses. sre