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  1. BHam

    Keep it Cool. Mx action Moto physics

    Higher flow rate = increased capacity. Period. I run coil selections for custom hvac equipment all day, hydronic stuff is simple and easy. There is a maximum performance point for any coil/pump/fluid setup however. If you want a real increase upsize your rads and increase flow rate. A fan will SURELY be the easiest mod for increased performance gain for a trail rider. You can also run a different fluid for greater capacities. In this case microchannel coils are, by nature, full circuited. They are premium efficiency coils already. Not sure what the GPM of your pump is but you reach a point where it will not increase capacity anymore (ie. your leaving fluid temp remains the same). There are multiple factors, and it would take a book to convey my point. Send me your rad sizes, gpm, entering fluid temp, entering air temp, and I’ll run a selection for you and put this topic to bed. And tell you your options.
  2. BHam

    My XT350 was stolen

    I live in Murrieta and will keep an eye out for it
  3. BHam

    1986 KDX Cylinder stuck to bottom end?

    Wow. Never worked with 321 but with 304/316L and that stuff is tough! I’ve been involved with state/federal projects that have the same regulations. To be honest a lot of it was such bull. Only a couple companies in the US that make some of the chemicals, somehow they weren’t on the “list” but their vendors who repackage were. Makes it hard to be compliant, I guess if you have enough cheddar to pay the mafia you’re in... go figure
  4. BHam

    1986 KDX Cylinder stuck to bottom end?

    Belzona rocks. We use it to coat 500-1100 Ton liquid cooled chillers. Ceramic S-Metal for waterbox coating and Ceramic R-Metal for restoration/building up sealing surfaces. Don’t use too much solidifier though, it gets HOT and smokes pretty good...expensive mistake, although we don’t pay that much and get it by the 5 gallon pails. Quick tip - get some releasing agent if you don’t want it on adjacent surfaces and flanges. Just be sure to read the msds before use...nasty stuff.
  5. BHam

    Remap 2011 CRF450R

    Hmm. Ya I have heard a huge variety of things people have done to stop the flame out. I'll change fuel filter and spark plug before next ride as they are cheap things. Anyone else have anything?
  6. BHam

    Remap 2011 CRF450R

    Thank you for the advise but I really don't think it has to do with the fuel filter. The bike only has 60 hours or so on it. All trail riding and for what this bike can do, I am pretty easy on the engine (for the most part lol). It has done this since it was brand new, but more so for the two day ride in big bear, and I have read that these bikes have a small issue with that. It starts right up afterwards but just the fact that it does this is annoying. People claim that remapping, slip ons, idle adjustment, etc.. Has fixed this issue. I would really like the issue addressed and I really appreciate your advice and any other advice. I will take a look at the fuel filter tomorrow as well. Thanks!
  7. I use the Acerbis handlebar aux tank. Works great. Mounts on top of handlebars. Super easy to install and automatically siphons gas as it is used in bikes tank. Hold 0.6 gal which will get you back. Looks good as well I've gotten lots of compliments. If you get it buy a better breather cap for it and enjoy
  8. BHam

    Remap 2011 CRF450R

    Hey everyone. I ride a 2011 CRF450R. After riding big bear for a couple days down here in so cal I notice my bike dying a lot especially when it gets warmer. Stock engine set up. Re geared it to 13/50. I read that re mapping the bike fixed this issue along with adjusting idle up. Any other tips you guys have for me? And my main question .. Where should I get it re mapped at? I don't want to mess with anything like rev limiter or anything. Just want the best mapping I could get. Thanks everyone and happy riding!
  9. I ride in riverside mainly. San Bernardino as well. Those two places for the most part. And I'm not talking about a completely dirty filter everyone. I'm talking about the bottom mainly, when it is dirty is it still safe to assume the rest of the filter is working properly and the bike is not sucking in dirt. It mainly get dusty from front tire and when I stop. But I gather what your saying -- if I'm worried, clean it. And that I will do! Thanks.
  10. Hey everyone hope you and your toys are all doing well. I have always wondered when is my air filter too dirty and time to clean. I don't like to perform overkill work. I ride a 2011 crf450r. Just bought another filter and came with some nice oil and rim sealer on it. I usually ride in front of the pack (I am the only one who knows the hundreds of miles of trails in our neck of the woods having grown up here) so it lasts longer than other riders. Southern California dirt so it's super dusty. The big hole in the bottom of the box allows dirt and mud to get on bottom of the filter while the rest still looks nice and clean (yellow). Is just the bottom a reason to clean the whole filter or will air bypass the small dirty spot and enter through the clean foam without sucking dirt? All answers appreciated!!! Thanks guys!
  11. Hey everyone I ride a 2011 crf450r and I'm looking into getting oversized radiators along with guards and braces and re-gearing the bike. I did some research and do not want to put a bandaid on this problem such as using engine ice and a new cap. I would rather totally fix it. I want something with a large capacity as I ride in California when it's super hot. I read that fluidyne (or whatever it is) are prone to bending. What is a nice hefty option that works well and is tough? I am also thinking of new sprockets and leaning towards 13/50 configuration to make it more of a trail friendly bike. Anyone have any input on my size choice for trails and sprockets that are superior to others? THANK YOU!