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  1. flyinlo37

    Curious Question??

    1000cc Streetbikes on the track predominantly run 520 chain kits on them...
  2. Ill be up there with some guys Wednesday, anyone else on here thinking about going? Havent been up there yet this year, called the old man today and he said track is open and in good shape.
  3. I see theres still activity there though.... http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ll=41.560764,-72.89712&spn=0.007129,0.014806&t=h&z=16
  4. I lived in Marion, near the golf course and the post office. Yes we used to call it Dickermans field too. That was the best local place to ride something that resembled a MX track. I used to park my truck at the park and ride right off of exit 3 on 691 and ride in there. The word I heard from the cheshire quad cop who gave me my minor trespass ticket was that the retirement community built right there was complaining about the noise so they had to show concern and come out to hand out tickets to look like they were doing something about the problem. That place was too good to last. I loved that wooped out straight going through the middle of it. I used to know a way to get onto MT southington ski slopes and in the summer I would burn up and down the runs. Funny you were the same. If you can get to the reservoirs up there then white rock is just a quick little side trail off of the reservoir. Really cool spot.
  5. I used to ride the Southington mountain all the way from Marion to Bristol past Lake Compounce. Theres a sweet ass trail all the way up to "White Rock" i could find blind that you can see Hartford from. I got such a hard time trying to dodge the water department and all the dikes/trenches they would erect up there around 2005-2008 to stop bikes that i just stopped going. I also used to ride the sand pits along the side of 691 near where it intersects 84 until the Cheshire Police forced all bike traffic out so they could build the retirement community across the street from Superior Rental. I got a ticket from a Cheshire Quad Cop for $90 in 2009 that was reduced to only $40 at court. Im so bitter about all the great spots I rode growiing up in CT. that arent legal to ride anymore. Such a shame what the ECO-movement, and irresponsible mother****ers who dumped stolen cars and household trash in those spots that put the attention from authorities on those spots in the first place. Thomaston Dam is a total joke, dont even waste the gas to get there. Its all rocks and they have it reduced to only a few trails. You go one way and they turn around on the same trail basically and come back the other way, pass a few quadtard burnout pits and youve seen it all in literally 15 minutes of riding. Im getting pissed just thinking about it now. I only ride MX anymore, Rocky Hill is the shit!!! Thank God for the people who run that joint because if not for them youd have nothing. I live in PA. now and Scranton has some good trail systems that arent gonna land you in jail for riding. I havent been on a trail ride in years though. Strictly MX since it all got taken away... sad, because thats where it started for most of us.
  6. flyinlo37

    2006 KDX200 Mint Bike!

    Must see my way out to another thread...
  7. flyinlo37

    2006 CRF450R Clutch Basket wobble

    I agree that its the same design used on almost all bikes, across brands as well. If there is any wear in parts 3,21, or the outer race pressed into part 2 it is exagerated in basket wobble because the basket is so large in diameter. Part 16 is the washer that was worn and spinning to make the whine noise in mine.
  8. flyinlo37

    2006 CRF450R Clutch Basket wobble

    I have the same problem. Last year i heard a screeching noise coming from clutch area. Inspected and found it to be the large washer between the basket and inner hub on the shaft spinning. Anyway... its a bad design altogether and even though i love HONDA products....... im embarassed that this is the best design they can come up with for properly securing the clutch basket to a stable load bearing device. It wobbles because of the relatively small bearing area of support for the basket. Its also not bolted down secure, it just floats on the shaft. You are not alone with this problem and if you want to truly "FIX" it you are going to have to replace the outer race pressed into clutch basket/roller bearing/Inner race on the transmission shaft/and the large washer between the basket and hub. My 450R with 50 hours on the motor...
  9. flyinlo37

    Oil filter cover (2007 CRF 450)

    look inside and match up the ports to the cover.
  10. flyinlo37

    Cam decompression bolt left hand thread?

    Its got threadlock on it.
  11. flyinlo37

    Very stupid and a waste but kinda funny

    no... not funny at all.
  12. flyinlo37

    Stewart is a hazard to everyone

    You heard it out of his mouth with Erin after his heat race "Im here to put on a show" hes paid for entertainment only... not his racing.
  13. flyinlo37

    best fitting plastics for 08

    Im picky as hell and just wrapped my 08 450r in acerbis for 2010, all the plastic fit perfect, not one complaint...
  14. flyinlo37

    Foot placement on pegs when landing ?

    invest in some boots designed for mx... i wasnt comfortable spending $ on boots until i watched my friend break his ankle casing a small double. sg12's..... you wont regret it.