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    DR 650 seat options.

    I've had a Sargent mounted on my DR for the past couple months and am really liking it. I ordered it direct from Sargent, custom made w/out the piping ("welt") as I was concerned that the piping could be uncomfortable on my legs. I also got it in the 1" lower version. Longest single day mileage on the new seat is just over 400 miles - definitely better than the stocker. It doesn't get in the way when standing up either. - Chris
  2. Deadpedal

    any one ride near Machias

    Continued use of the Price Road/185th St. entrance could well lead to this area getting shut down, as far as I'm concerned. There may be a homeowner or two in that neighborhood who are moto friendly, but from what I've seen/heard, most are not, and complaints from homeowners to the DNR won't help. The "main" entrance along N. Carpenter Road is the better one to use; it's on the west side of the road, blocked a short distance from Carpenter w/ ecology blocks and a gate, w/ go arounds for bikes. - Chris
  3. Deadpedal

    Tube recommendations?

    I was wondering about that too and couldn't figure out if for some reason Bike Bandit was listing the rim size (rather than tire size) for the 17" tube... I checked Moose's site and the only 17" HD rear tube they list is a 4.50-5.10-17, so I guess Bike Bandit is only listing front tube sizes. Weird. From http://www.mooseracing.com/pdf/tubes.pdf : HEAVY-DUTY TUBES FRONT PART # 2.50/2.75-10 3810-0013 2.50-3.00-14 M750-04 2.50-2.75-17 M750-08 2.50-2.75-19 M750-16 90/90-80/100-21 M800-10 REAR PART # 2.50/2.75-10 3810-0013 3.00-3.50-12 M750-03 3.50-4.10-14 M750-05 3.00-3.50-16 M750-07 4.50-5.10-17 0350-0060 100/100-120/100-18 M800-20 100/90-110/90-19 M800-30 - Chris
  4. Deadpedal

    Tube recommendations?

    Thanks for the info! Bike Bandit lists the following, looks like they'll do the trick: Moose Racing Heavy Duty Tubes 21" - 90/90-21, 80/100-21 17" - 2.50-17, 2.75-17 - Chris
  5. Deadpedal

    Tube recommendations?

    Later this month I'm going to start getting my DR650 better suited to off-pavement riding w/ new tires, bars, handguards, etc. While I'm taking the time to change out the tires, I figure it's a good opportunity to upgrade to some beefier tubes. Anyone have recommendations for tubes? I'm planning to run D606's front and rear. I tried searching, but couldn't find much at all on tubes. Thanks, - Chris