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    Carb. Help!

    Great... I'll double check for any air leaks and then look into a new jet. Thanks for the quick response!
  2. dp1021

    Carb. Help!

    Hi guys! I am new to this forum and thought ya'll might be able to help me. I ride a 2003 yz250f, and I am having a hard time diagnosing what is wrong with my carb. (and yes i did a search and read through like 100 threads) I just got the carb cleaned and "adjusted" at a dealership. Since I got it back, it has been running like crap! I thought it was just maybe the fuel screw/idle screw, so I played with the idle and fuel screw a bit. Anyways here's what happens: It dies on idle if the idle screw is too low. Then, when the idle is turned up just a bit, it revs up really high. So i bring the idle back down and it dies again. I set the fuel screw back to 1 and 5/8 turns out, which is the stock setting. I moved it in small increments in and out and played with the idle after each pilot screw adjustment. But I still can't get it to run right! Popping, backfiring, you guys have any suggestions??