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  1. Whilst I didn't run it totally empty, I took it down to just under 1/2 a litre.
  2. I have just completed a 4000km trip around 'The Kimberley' in West Australia, with this tank. The quality of this tank was excellent and was achieving a range of 320-350km.
  3. WazCat

    WR250R Adventure Bike

    I have a skid plate but I dont think that you can see it in the photo, it is only one of the smaller Yamaha ones.
  4. WazCat

    WR250R Adventure Bike

    I live in Perth so I will be freighting the bike to Broome and leaving from there. I will complete a loop via the Gibb River Road to Kunnurra/Bungles and then back to Broome where the bike will be freighted back to Perth. The initial indications are that the tank should cost in the order of $499.
  5. WazCat

    WR250R Adventure Bike

    Whilst some may think I am mad, I am in the process of planning a 4000km trip around 'The Kimberley' Australia (In the North of West Australia) for three weeks in May this Year on my WR250r and thought you might be interested in the preperations for the trip. This photo is from a test 1000km round trip camping trip I did a couple of weekends ago, I welded the rack up myself and the front screen is from a second hand bike shop(it works really well). Fuel is still a bit of a problem as unleaded fuel is very limited in the Kimberley, I am currently waiting for the release of the safari tank from Aqualine. http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/5062/07032009001.jpg
  6. WazCat

    What to do with O2 sensor on WR250R?

    Only completed a small ride so far and seems to perform quite well, very hard to quantify and specific difference. I will do a long ride this weekend to access what effect the o2 has on the fuel economy. I am very happy with the performance increase with the addition of the new pipe, just like having a new bike....
  7. WazCat

    What to do with O2 sensor on WR250R?

    I had a stainless steel bung welded in today by an Vehicle Exhaust shop, only cost $30 including welding and the bung. I had to ring around to find a shop which had a stainless steel bung instock as most of them only had mild steel. http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/9167/ssc0025.jpg
  8. WazCat

    What to do with O2 sensor on WR250R?

    As suggested I am in the process of having a threaded fitting welded to the muffler to allow the O2 Sensor to be fitted. I would suggest that it would make sense to have it fitted as the after market Australian Yamaha Pipe has a fitting for the O2 sensor. I will post with images/results after the modification.
  9. WazCat

    What to do with O2 sensor on WR250R?

    I had the problem/question a couple of weeks ago when I went to put on my Q4. I disconnected the O2 sensor and didn't get any faults on display, and have noticed a nice performance increase with the Q4. So at this stage I am running without the O2 Sensor.