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  1. stevend

    Cheapest DIY Servo Bypass

    Do you measure with the resistors connected to the bike? this is not 7,5 if they are 3,5's
  2. stevend

    WR250R front wheel slightly out of center.

    Anyone willing to walk to their garage and have a look?? We dont have to many wr-r's here in holland so that i could look at a second bike myself.. It's visible by the normal eye looking over the front wheel and comparing the distance between the left fork leg and the rim to the right fork leg and rim. Thnx.
  3. Hi Nop, I wont go near either brouwer in zwartebroek or any GASGAS with randomly exploding engine's... Did you ever get the story howmany mechanical work and new engines it took to get them to finish the Touareg rally?? Nah, KTM or Yamaha for me!
  4. stevend

    FMF programmer on stock R2?

    What exactly do these number ranges you post do to affect the mixture?
  5. The bike is great in sand , thats not the issue. In fact with the geometry of the wrr it's a real easy bike to drive, on the flat and small whoops. Well, most of your experience confirms what i thought, the bike is not powered enough. Suspension is not a big issue as it can and has been upgraded on any bike. Just for fun I took the bike on a real sandy track to play and checked the mpg it get's there and it's not much better then more powerfull bike's. If i'd have to take as much fuel with me as on the bigger bore ktm's then that bennefit is gone as well. I think i heard what i knew already, that i need an other bike for desert racing, even if winning is not my goal for that race. I just want to take something else then most of the riders are taking, but this trip is just to much for me on the 950, and to much for the WR with me on it
  6. stevend

    WR250R front wheel slightly out of center.

    Re spoked the oem. hub's with ss spokes and exel rim's I switched out the spacers but then the wheel is so far of that you can not tighten the axle, i checked that first but spacers seem to be in the right place.
  7. Plan is to participate in the Lybia desert challenge next year, but for this ride the 950 ktm is just to much to handle. I'm afraid the WR is a bit of not enough though. Any opinions on that? Anyone who did serious dunes of up to 300mtr with theirs? Have been driving dunes with a KTM 250sx-f before and it's ok if you torture it a bit but have not been near the big one's with that bike. Knowing how the WR like's to be tortured at 11.000rpm's i wonder how this one performs. Otherwise i still have time to trade up for a nice 530 or 690 ktm Be honest please!
  8. Hi all! After finaly giving the wr a GOOD wash (France was dirty for the girl!) I noticed the front rim to be off center, when driving it shows the tyre center about 10mm / half an inch to the right of the fender center. Measuring it shows the rim is about the same distance more to the richt fork leg... Am i the only one with this weird allignment? Bike has no problem tracking in the right direction with no hands on the bar's but that's not really an indicator i think. So if other riders would like to measure there bike's, thanks! Mine is spoked to exel rim's and i never checked to see if the factory rim was alligned diffrently or if it's off hub center or something.
  9. stevend

    WR250R/X Prices Paid

    about 10.000 dollar, welcome to holland.... still a cheap bike here.
  10. stevend

    WR250R Front Wheel???

    I have my original rimm's left over in Holland. Shipping to EU if someone needs it will be an option.
  11. stevend

    UK Spec WR250R Exhaust

    I ran the Leo without the o2 sensor for a while (like 500km's) and put it back recently. I like the bike's EFI better with the O2 plugged in. no gains or lossed in power ed. but just a little bit more 'smoothness' overall. EU bike's, no harm in testing this yourselves. The Leo come's with a plug to plug the o2 hole as well.
  12. stevend

    Speedy seat removal mod

    how about a treaded pin in the seat with a hole in it, to use a cotter pin or clip to retain it?
  13. stevend

    Tire Wear on your WRR

    wore the rear in about 2500 mile's... agressive tyre a bit faster still.
  14. stevend

    AIS Remove it or Leave it ??

    Dont overrate the O2 sensor. even removing it at an euro spec would not make the bike run very diffrent, the computer will not tell you it's missing either. Thats why i think you yanks .. can just put one in if you want to, same ecu probably. Its OK to remove this secondary air system on each bike with an aftermarket exhoust, leave it with a catalyser. There's a lot of bike's that lose the Lambda when a PC3 is installed and bikes where people here just remove it. period. I bought my bike without the o2 probe and a plug in the leo exhaust. I did put the probe back in for testing and piece of mind. will leave it in since i dont see the benefit in removing it with this bike either. KTM990 is diffrent, removing it there will make the bike hessitate a lot less.