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  1. rieds

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    i had a slight surging issue with mine just over idle so i took it all apart and cleaned everything but i noticed my stream will not go high enough to hit the slide or should i say it doesnt start soon enough to hit the slide. its a good strong stream and shoots a good two feet out the front. i adjusted the screw and still cant get it to start soon enough to come close to hitting the slide at all. i realise you want it to just miss but i cant get it to hit it so i can back it off to just clear. it worked fine a couple years ago when i first installed it. does the merge ap spring wear out over time?
  2. rieds

    towing small load with dr650

    is there any reason i couldn't or shouldn't tow a small homemade trailer with say a 50-100pds of groceries? maybe 300pds total trailer and load?
  3. rieds

    AP question

    im a little confused. the stream is supposed to just miss the slide and hit the needle?
  4. rieds

    J&E HC Piston and Web Cam

    i asked about the higher comp piston cause i noticed every other high comp piston ive seen comes in two versions, one for 93oct and one for race gas, but the one for the dr650 still works with 87oct.
  5. rieds

    J&E HC Piston and Web Cam

    sorry to get off your current line of thought, has anybody checked into how much a higher comp piston to make use of 93oct would cost to make and how many you'd have to buy? i've seen threads on every different aspect of building this motor but this. i've seen the threads on shaving to get a little more compression but none on a higher comp piston option. who could do it? if anybody knows i'll make the calls.
  6. rieds

    rm85 front wheel for dr650?

    anybody ever explored if this will work. in the pictures i've found of rm85 front wheels the hub looks the same.
  7. rieds

    acerbis disc guards for dr650

    anybody try these? Babbits has them listed for the dr650 but theres no mounts listed for the dr650.
  8. rieds

    96-2010 DR650 LED Conversion

    i changed all my turn signals to led and installed a led flasher but now i need to know where and how to wire my signal beeper i made from the instructions on adv rider? it has to be in a spot where it wont bleed over from one side to the other. could i put the pos wire on the flasher out wire and the ground to the frame?
  9. the relay did the trick thanks. only bummer is i had to take my turn signal beeper off too cause the signal was bleedin across it too. maybe if i put one on both sides it will work.
  10. i bought some led turn signals for my dr650 and i'm having trouble getting them to work. i removed the bulb from the dash to prevent bleedover so thats not my problem. i cant get them to work except when i put my 12 volt tester on the positive side of the wiring. when i do this they will come on and if i remove the tester they stay on for about three seconds. i'm guessing i have a bad ground somewhere? the led's have smaller gauge wire than the bikes wiring. could this be the problem i'm stumped.
  11. rieds

    stainless allen bolts

    maybe your local hardware store. the major stores like lowe's and home depot don't have much. theres only one place around me that has a decent selection of metric stainless. here's the name of a place that will sell small orders and not rape you on shipping. www.mmsacc-stainless.com
  12. rieds

    Header coating removal

    "Yeah but then it still has that big restriction in the joint between both pipes, pretty much negating the effect of a larger diameter header." i kinda wondered about that. anybody else got any input on that?
  13. rieds

    39fcr-mx on dr650 surging just off idle

    in my case i just switched it from one bike to another with the same results so my problem is prolly clogged pilot circuit
  14. rieds

    Header coating removal

    the two brothers midpipe fits the fmf header. i have that setup on my bike.
  15. anybody know what would cause this? it happens when your just barely on the gas trying to maintain a constant speed. also noticed it doesnt want to idle with the choke on very well unless you put it in the middle setting. are these two related? they started about the same time.