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  1. Ranger: Thanks for the information. Just took the WRR for a quick ride; it's a lot of fun as is, but I think changing out the rear sprocket would improve the low end (which is a little light). What I've read on TT suggest that a 46T or 47T rear sprocket would be a nice improvement.
  2. Gents (and Ladies, of course): Does anyone actually know the exact hp production for the 2008 WR250R and the 2008 DRZ400? I understand that hp is only part of the equation in a bike's performance, but I'm still very curious about the exact numbers. So, if you know, please share. Thanks!
  3. urzuaj

    WR250R 2008 vs. 2009 ?s

    The review from Topspeed.com reported the rear suspension for the 2008 WR250R at 10.4 inches. The Yamaha web site listed the 2009 at 10.6" of rear travel. This difference in rear travel was confirmed by two different dealers that I talked to about the bike before purchasing one. Then again, the dealer I bought the bike from did forget to leave the bike out for me to pick up (at the previously agreed upon time and place (so I didn't get it until the next day)) and failed to fill up my tank (also previously agreed upon) and gave me one XL t-shirt, instead of two XXL t-shirts as agreed (I'm not fat, I'm just big boned)...so I should probably have considered the source prior to going to print. Regardless, I just didn't want to pay an additional $500.00 for the 2009 since I couldn't tell the bikes apart on the showroom floor. For all I know, given the dealer's "attention to detail" they may have given me the 2009!
  4. urzuaj

    WR250R 2008 vs. 2009 ?s

    I just bought the 2008 WR250R last Friday. The only differences I found between the 2008 and 2009 were price and rear suspension travel. The 2009 was going to cost me about $500.00 more (in Idaho) due to an increase in bike and freight costs. "Spec" wise, the only difference I found was that the rear suspension travel is 10.4" on the 2008 and 10.6" on the 2009 -.2" of travel hardly seemed worth the extra $500.00! I ended up paying a total of $6039.00, including a Fly Racing helmet ($5300.00 was the price we agreed to on the bike).
  5. urzuaj

    new owner wr250r 2008

    Just bought an 08 WR250R last Friday. I was told by the salesperson that "on the throttle, off the throttle" riding would be the best way to break it in -he basically told me to trail ride it the way that I planned to ride the bike from now on. So, that's what I did. Rode the bike from my house out to the Owyhee mountains (about 40 miles), then put the bike on all kinds of terrain; sand, gravel, mud, and dry dirt trails! This was my first ride in 20+ years and I loved every minute of it! The bike did very well off trail and rides the road at an amazingly low vibration level. Given my budget and desires, the WR250R was the only choice; I researched and rode the KLX250, the Super Sherpa 250 and the DRZ-400. All the bikes were cool, but the WR250R -in my opinion- was the best compromise!