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    Shorai or Balistic Evo Question

    According to the email I received, they designed this battery. They sell them so cheap because they have no middlemen.

    Shorai or Balistic Evo Question

    My pleasure. http://alienmotion.c.../batteries.html

    Shorai or Balistic Evo Question

    Well, the plot thickens.I was reading through some LiFePO4 threads and ran across AlienMotion batteries. They seem to have a lot of satisfied customers, and an 8 cell sells for about the same price as a 4 cell Balistic Evo plus free shipping. I emailed them some questions, which Sarah answered honestly and promptly. Unless someone can give me some solid reason why I should steer clear from this company, I believe I will give their 8 cell a try. $99.99 is a pretty good deal from what I have researched.

    Shorai or Balistic Evo Question

    Since I haven't received any negative concerning the recommended standard size, I guess I will go with the 4 cell Evo. My DRZ has been relagated to a trail and Colorado ride only, so I see no need to upgrade. Thanks for all your responses
  5. I am about to pull the trigger on one of the two. I have been reading threads and facts, and it appears a few have opted for the 14 amp over the 9 amp for a little insurance. My question is for the guys who went with the 9 amp Shorai or the 4 cell Evo. Have any of you run your battery down under normal use? Have you regretted not getting the next size larger battery? If so, why?

    Boiling Gas

    If it happens again that will be my plan of attack. I will be there Saturday after next as well. Keep you posted and maybe we can meet.

    Boiling Gas

    The ambient temp did get up to the upper 70s, and we were riding pretty hard through deep ravines and steep hills, so there wasn't much air circulation. This was the first time riding the DRZ this hard with the temps this high. I usually reserve these conditions for my KDX, but my son wanted to ride and I let him have the lighter of the two. The Clarke gas cap is vented with, what I would guess to be, an 1/8th in. hole. I think the nipple is thick enough I can drill it out to 7/32, but at the rate I observed the vapors escaping with the cap off, I doubt this would be enough, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I wish I had a video of the gas rolling in the tank when we first opened it up. My son and I couldn't believe what we were seeing. I have seen what ethanol blend can do to plastics. Not pretty! I went through 2 gas tanks on my Toro mower before they figured it out. In Texas premium gas has no ethanol, so I spend the extra pennies per gallon for peace of mind.

    Tech 3 or Gaern GX-1? for trails?

    Love my Tech 3s. I have them adjusted tightly and can wear knee and shin guards with comfort. I haven't had the buckle issues others have expressed, and I have put them to the test for 4 years now. Only complaint was it took them forever to break in, but once broken in they are quite comfortable and I can shift with ease.

    Boiling Gas

    I had a strange occurance today that I would like to share. I have a 2005 DRZ S with a Clarke oversize gas tank. The bike has low miles and service done in accordance with the Suzuki Service Manual. I took the bike to Red River Motorcycle Trails at Bulcher, TX, (Red Bull Last Man Standing 2006-08), and did a ride over the enduro course that was layed out for last weekend's race. About 10 miles down the course I noticed my bike starting to run a little rough going up some of the hills. This finally turned into being a chore just trying to keep it running. I could smell raw gas but saw no sign of a leak, so I decided to give her a rest and give everything a good looking over. The fan was running as it usually does, but instead of cycling quickly it continued for some time. Obviously the bike was quite hot but I couldn't find any fuel leak, and the motor turned over freely, it just didn't want to run worth a crap. My son unscrewed the fuel cap and the pressure from inside the tank blew the cap right out of his hand. The gas was literally rolling in the tank just like it was near boiling temp. It got so hot the opening in the gas cap couldn't relieve the pressure quick enough. I think the pressure built up so high that it forced gas past the needle and overflowed the carb bowl and resulted in a rich mixture, thus flooding the engine and causing the stalls. Once the bike cooled off, all was good and I continued on for the rest of the afternoon with no reoccurance. Coolant was changed last year and replaced with Liquid Ice, and a check of water level at the end of the day showed no drop in the coolant level. My riding buddy was a service manage for Kawasaki for 12 years, and he had never heard of such a thing, but agreed with my assessment. Not looking for a fix, just sharing.

    07 DRZ SM Attempted theft damage

    Mine was stolen and, thankfully, recovered. Steering lock snapped and bike rolled away to a waiting truck. I didn't see any need to replace a weak lock with another weak lock. Now I use a disc lock for security. Unless you have a ring anchored to the ground and an uncutable chain, (if there is such a thing), any 2 guys can pick your bike up and put it in a truck. A disc lock just makes sure 2 guys are required to do the job.
  11. I have to agree. I have a KLR, DRZ400, and a KDX220R, and if riding to get to where you want to ride is the mandate, the KLR wins, HANDS DOWN. KDX is one of the finest woods bikes, but not a dual sport. DRZ will do it all, but will leave you worn if you ride a long distance to get to your destination. KLR will do dang near all of the off road stuff and leave you more energetic when you arrive to your destination.

    Saddle/Rear/Duffle Bags

    Check out Rev-Pack and Wolfman seat packs. I have the Rev-Pack seat pack and love it. If I had to do it again, I would look closely at the Motofizz tail bag.

    09 klr tank bags

    Wolfman Expedition with KLR specific mounting straps. Cool trunk as well. Check out their site.

    thinking of getting a 09 klr 650

    56 and on my 2nd KLR, (09). I have 6 motorcycles, from dual sport to sport tourer, and if for some reason I had to keep only one, the KLR would win hands down.

    DRZ Pilot Jet Mystery

    Failed to mention, but the screw was set. I found it idled best at 2.75 turns. I think the biggest issue in my thread is the pilot jet. The jet that was in it (it has never been changed by me), is a short one identical in dimensions to a main jet. My prior experience with carbs, (exstensive with inline 4s) tells me Mikuni carbs have either a long pilot jet, or a short jet which sets high in the carb bowl chamber. I have never seen a pilot jet the same dimensions as a main jet in a Mikuni. The factory manual has a blow up of the carb, and shows a long pilot jet, but the manual has been wrong before.