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  1. dry lake bed near joshua tree
  2. The weather stayed clear but looked real threataning. This picture was taken a week ago. brrrr I can't wait for the 60's to return next week. Ive been wondering if I'm really still in southern California.
  3. I did a little morning desert ride.
  4. oh oh and black helicopters coming to get me , and fear and more fear, then some more fear to go with the fear I left at home. Everything will be fine, better even. I'm getting another drz sm to go with my e, or or a just a set of tires.
  5. I have a plated drz400e and ride with friends with xr650l's often off road. When we trade bikes I have a hard time getting mine back, then they talk about selling and finding a drz. The xrl feels much heavier. The drz, at least the e version with a yoshi pipe feels at least as powerful and much snappier. In my opinion the drz is much more fun. I would buy neither new but a less than $3000 drz is a perfect cheap trail and dual sport bike.
  6. I like my newish kenda k777. Works great in the desert with a k760 and with a paddle at the dunes.