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  1. I drove mine of a bridge what kind of topic is this
  2. If you live close to pemberten go to lincons te might have some and for the lowest price
  3. I own a four stroke TTR-125 im a new rider but i love it.
  4. Plzz Post
  5. Hey guys what could i do to give my TTR-125 a little boost.
  6. Well i think ur dumb so be quiet other wise omething will happen to you:foul:
  7. Dude i hope u make the right decision im tellin ya the xr is better
  8. Dude r u dum dont take the deal a xr 100 is a better bike then a yamaha 90 any day its kinda a no brainer:bonk:
  9. Dude hope your ok also nice avatar
  10. Dude your ein dum hope your ok but ive never even head of troxler
  11. Well eric if u wait 1 year there comin out with a yamaha 150 4 stroke read some magazines youll find it:bonk:
  12. Id get pretty big sprockets it will help on the small track:thumbsup:
  13. Jumping is really fun once you lern how to just keep taking jumps stat small then gradgually get bigger:ride:
  14. Yes id suggest yamaha 2 if your an older guy a 250 or 450 if your younger there comin out with a 150:thumbsup:
  15. When you go of the lip try to bunny hop like on a bike