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    95 XR600R starting questions

    As an addidtion to my prevous post. I perform step 1 with the ignition switch turn OFF
  2. Nickeshake

    95 XR600R starting questions

    THIS IS THE ULTIMATE STARTING TECHNIQUE FOR (my) XR600! I NEVER kick it more than once* using this drill. *=real kick 1. Full chocke + full throttle + decompression lever, kick about 4-6 times to get som fresh fuel into the cylinder. 2. NO choke + NO throttle (don't even dare to touch it) + NO decompression, kick sloooowly to find the right spot** and KICK HARD!! **= Without decomp, kick slooowly 'til you find a spot where you feel a significant difference in how hard you will have to push the kickstarter to keep the piston i motion. Keep pushing even slower past that "bump" (no need for extra force, just take it slow and let it slide by) NOW you are in the right position, if you've done it correctly you should feel a similar "bump" to the last one i described just where you are now (be careful not to pass this one, or else just start step 2 over). Here, all you have to do is kick. I feel it's easier if you have your one foot on the kickstarter using your left to jump/skip a little and use your own bodyweight + some leg muscles to kick it. 3. Clutch, first gear, wheelie away through the hole register! Sry for any mistakes in my grammar. I'm just a stupid Swede, who happens to love his XR600:ride: