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  1. eshelton

    2006 KTM 450SX for trails

    Let me know what you think. If you can get it for a pretty good deal that its probably worth it because the money you spend on turning it into a woods bike you will probably come out cheaper then buying a dedicated woods only bike. Number one thing i would do if you by it is auto clutch. Revloc in my opinion is the best but Rekluse or EFM are just as good.
  2. eshelton

    2006 KTM 450SX for trails

    I ride an 08 and its a lot to handle in the woods. The suspension is way to firm, your weight may make it better, I'm 190-195 with gear. The motor hits way way to hard for the woods, fun in an open field or track but where smooth/plush is your friend to much power isn't fun. I am trying to make mine into a capable woods bike. The transmission is its down fall for woods riding but an auto clutch will fix that because it will keep you from constantly having to use the clutch and it will also give it fly wheel affect too. The best thing to do is ask him if you can take it for a day and see if you like it but chances are it will be a lot to handle until you spend a little bit making it woods friendly. It can be made into a capable woods bike though.
  3. eshelton

    A cool track 640 LC4 project!

    Screw a fairing and do dads, that thing is badass! Just a motor, frame, and wheels, the way a bike should be. Good job Morpheous!