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  1. offrdr

    New Light Weight Battery.

    I talked to shorai. They said you can charge with most chargers as long as they dont have an anti-desulfation mode. The deltran battery tender brand is ok. Remember this battery doesnt need much charging.
  2. offrdr

    Which Exhaust?

    I like the Leo Vince X3. It's a nice System.
  3. I dont care for the 606's. I like the michelin AC10's they are DOT and work much better than the 606 in my opinion.
  4. offrdr

    New Light Weight Battery.

    I just bought a new battery for my CRF450X. It's a lithium battery made by Shorai. This thing is sweet, it's 4 pounds lighter than stock. I bought mine from Speed House Check it out.
  5. offrdr


    I have a club its quite a bit nicer than the adventure. the adventure doesnt have cloth covering and is less adjustable. I would recommend the club. I got mine on an ebay store partsdiscounter
  6. offrdr

    what is the quietest exhaust on the market?stock?

    I really like the leo Vince pipe. I have the x3 ti carbon. Its lighter, a lot more power, and it is pretty stealth 0 to half throttle but sounds real healthy after half throttle but still quieter than most.. the ceramic packing is supposed to last 50 hours. I got a great deal at shopspeedhouse.com
  7. offrdr

    leatt vs evs

    Leatt is the way to go.I got mine from an ebay store partsdiscounter. Good price.
  8. offrdr

    what is the quietest exhaust on the market?stock?

    Mine is the Q4 ti as well.
  9. offrdr

    what is the quietest exhaust on the market?stock?

    I have a FMF Ti Q slighty used, you can have it for $ 100.00, you pay shipping. It was a good pipe I just wanted a whole system so went with the leo vince.Let me know
  10. offrdr

    Leo Vince Exhaust.

    I am interested in a new exhaust system for my 2006 crf450x.I have been looking at the Leo Vince X3. Does anyone have any input?