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  1. Yep, its nothing but luck.
  2. I pretty much put on a clinic last weekend.
  3. Yes, I'm talking about the one we've been doing around here for years, the one Rando use to manage.
  4. Who's handling the updates these days? I have a couple of friends that just signed up, but they cannot log in yet.
  5. Motocross

    How about a fantasy Monster Energy Cup?
  6. Pipe fit okay as far as I can remember.
  7. Motocross

    I'll lock him in at the 5th spot.
  8. Motocross

    It's really hard to stay interested in the game when it rarely gets updated.
  9. Motocross

    Are we not doing this anymore? Last two weeks of SX were not updated.
  10. Supercross

    You guys are messed up, this guy obviously has some issues and you all just &%$#@! with him over and over. Most of you would probably cry if you're lawn mower wouldn't start. quit being such Dicks.
  11. Motocross

    You know what would be cool, is some sort of "Fantasy Shootout" for the Monster Energy Cup!
  12. Motocross

    Not bad for forgetting you're pics, you still got 20 points...
  13. Motocross

    Results from Millville have not been posted yet, and the race link for New Berlin, NY is a supercross link. I'm going out of town for a week and cannot put my pics in! I'm gonna put my pics in here just in case. 450's RV RD JS JB TC fq- JS 250's ET KR MM BB JA
  14. Motocross

    I picked Alessi for 5th overall Fantasy) last two races, thats right, I left Stewart out of my top 5 last weekend, and Reed out for both Hangtown and Thunder Valley.