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    ridding, snow skiing,World Champion Pittsburdh Steeler Fan
  1. fastphil38

    Night ride June 25th D/S Arizona

    Hey Tom, Check out the AMA/KTM ride in Prescott this fall, the site is WWW.arizonatrailriders.org, hope to see you there, with Fox,Woody,Harry. Ride On Phil
  2. fastphil38

    Ever encounter wildlife while riding?

    Hey Riders,I ride in southern Arizona, and we see all kinds of critters,snakes,javalinas,deer,cows,and bulls. Ridding last year in the summer "hot" and we wanted to take a break saw a tree shaded river bed and thought that would be a good spot, as we get to the area theres this Bull and he's in our path so we rev up and he slowly moves down the trail and under a tree, we park our our motos on the trail and walk under a tree for lunch, this Bull is some kinda pissed off, he's doing that hoof thing like you see in the movies,cartoons,bull fighting,etc. we get up to go back to our bikes and he is moving at us quickly, all I can do is get behind a small tree that he hits and then he darts up and hits one of the motos. it happened fast and was kind of freaky. Ride On Phil
  3. fastphil38

    Who Changes their own Tires??

    Hey XL, I change my own tires at least a few times a year,I have a small trash can that I put a few dumb bells inside for stabillity and set the tire on top of it. I always wear safety glasses,I have 1 large tire iron and two small ones, a "C Clamp" to break the bead on the tire.It takes maybe a half hour to change,just take you time! there are some great examples of tire changing from the pros on this site.One more thing remove the tire from each side of the rim and then slip it inside the tire for easy removal, all this is old school,but it works. Ride On
  4. fastphil38

    Satellite pic of my track

    Right on, it looks like those straights would be 5th gear flyers. I would like one in my backyard please! Ride On
  5. fastphil38

    Charlous Gap 2/20/2010 Video

    Nice Vid Johnathan, It's gnarly just watching it,your right no broken bikes or buddies. Thanks Ride On Phil
  6. fastphil38

    PICS: My 2010 ride.....finally ready !

    Nice CRF, Where did you get the redbull stickers? I would like some for my CRF, Thanks Ride On.
  7. fastphil38


    I know your pain, i went to the sand dunes two weeks ago in cali "gordens well" and leo was writing tickets at all of the popular areas, the sand drags,camping areas,and the comp hills these are the easy tickets for them to write. I agree that leo is looking for the people with the means to pay the fines and not the criminals. This is the first time i've have seen them out with such force, it would have been cool to issue some sort of warning but hundreds of rides got citations that weekend.i guess the govenator needs the $$$$$$$$$$$$. Ride on.
  8. fastphil38

    Anyone got any pics of a flag mount?

    Hey Zane, I drill thru the fender and buy large washers,and large rubber washers to put between the fender contact,all can be found @ your local ace hardware, axle mounts bite, one more thing you can use zip ties as a leash for when you bale! What dunes are you going to? I'm off to Gordens well "Yuma"@ 0 dark 30 tomorrow. Ride On.
  9. fastphil38

    ride this week

    Nice work Dustee on the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. fastphil38

    ride this week

    Hey Dustee, did you shoot the SX @ PHX? any good pictures?later Phil
  11. fastphil38

    CRF450X Question

    Right on, I will give it a try,it would be cool to have a button to add the 1K RPM on demand sort of like the push to pass in Indy Car racing. Thanks Ride On.
  12. fastphil38

    CRF450X Question

    Hey Vanilla, On your list you show the pink wire mod,are you running the stock valve train? I would like to try it 0n my X but many of the comments on this site insist on updated valves,springs,etc.Any engine problems? Thanks, Ride On
  13. fastphil38

    tool storage on my 450X

    Hey Fellow X riders, I just thought I would share some of my tool storage places on the X. I ride with a Moose rear fender bag inside is the spare tire,bolts,zips,and ID,licence,etc.Behind the headlight/number place is a canvas zippered bag 8"x10" with wrenches,CO2 bottles,etc.and in the air box are two tire spoons. I ride desert,ST,track, and so far everything stays put. I also have a camel back with H2o, and snacks.Just thought I would share. Ride On!
  14. fastphil38

    Loop De Crash cuaght on Video!~

    Hey Tom, I got lucky with this one, Hey have a great Holiday season and lets do a ride in 10! Later, Ride On