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  1. Newner

    1983 XR350R Counterbalance shaft?????

    BUMP I need to resurrect this thread for the sake of my 1984 xr350r. I am having the same problem and I do not know how to set the counterbalancer in the engine. I really hope someone knows how to do this. We have lined up all the marks on the sprocket teeth and it is not the proper alignment as the counter weight collides with the crank. Also the sprocket on the crank is in the correct position. So what is the trick or procedure to line it up? anyone know?
  2. Newner

    KTM 620 LC4 SC Highway Mod

    I think I found the problem, there seems to be just one cylinder. I think I have been putting too many miles on my V-Strom. I will just put the thing in back of my truck while I am on the hwy, that should eliminate all the vibration.
  3. Newner

    KTM 620 LC4 SC Highway Mod

    Good point! I think I will start by doing that! thanks!
  4. I have a '95 620 LC4 SC with enduro Kenda tires and I am wanting to add some rubber grommets or washers to the engine mounts to take away some of the vibration on the highway. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am open to a better solution. The Bike feels great on the dirt but on the highway it shakes you to death!
  5. Kangal, check your P.M. I have some information that might help!