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  1. bodge1

    gopro vid (wales)

    hiya guys just brought myself a gopro the weekend, an thought id give it a test in wales. im aboard my 08 450x my first 4stroke, what a bike. Never used a helmet camera before so let me know what you think cheers. part1 part2
  2. bodge1

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    Heres my o8 450x.
  3. bodge1

    gear box troubles

    hiya guys iv recently bought an 05 125sx, my first ktm. I had some troubles with the gearbox it kept jumping out of gear, iv stripped the engine an discoverd the dogs to be knackerd. now iv put the new dogs in an rejoined the cases hopefully problem solved. iv been bench testing the gears an it dose not want to select neatural, as im turning the engine round with one hand an going through the gears with the other dose not feel right. Iv rebuilt a few two stroike engines in the past mainly japenese ie honda yamaha. And was wondering if im missing something. iv taken apart the cases about 10 times checked an rechecked again an again to see wheather the gearbox looks ok, the selector forks an the drum all looks fine. I just dont want to put it all back together to find out iv messed up.
  4. bodge1

    ktm 125 sx tranny

    hiya guys im recently having problems wiv my 125 sx gear box, when im riding the bike 1st an 2nd are fine. But 3rd an 4th are strange. as i go through the revs it jumps out of gear asif its going into neatural. Then i kick the shifter back up it goes back in the orignal gear. Iv striped the engine down an there appears to be no damage. The gears are fine, theres no meatal shavings. the selctor forks are straight, an the drum looks fine. I thought one of you guys may have experinced simaller problems, and thought anyone may have any suggestions. thanks
  5. bodge1

    engine oil

    thanks for the help guys, most usefull.
  6. bodge1

    engine oil

    hiya guys having just bout my first four stroke bike the 450x and havent rode it yet cant wait. I just wanted to ask what oil you guys are using and what you could recomened. cheers.