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  1. troyracing176

    Tatoo related to dirtbiking?

    yeah i dont think 14 is a good age. i have 3; 2 that are 'dirt bike' related but i didnt get them till i was 29 (now 31). my father passed away last April and i got a pretty big one on my side that is a portrait of him racing that i found cleaning out his house that i'm pretty proud of. the detail is awesome and I've had many positive comments about it. just think about it long and hard first and make sure its something you really like. and IMO who cares what it looks like when you 70+ yrs old b/c nobody is going to see it anyway haha
  2. troyracing176

    Pre prints

    nice bike photo and love the swingarm logo too
  3. troyracing176

    2010 sprockets

    Thanks. Yes, the YZ450F front & rear sprockets are the same for all model years - 2003-2010, just the OE gearing has changed from time to time ...
  4. troyracing176

    what brand rear sprocket

    Sorry I'm late for this topic, but I was just browsing this thread and wanted to chime in. There actually is quite a bit behind sprocket design that leads to increased life, strength & durability. Also, one key component of an aluminum sprocket that is going to lead to longest possible life is the finishing process. Might I recommend Sunstar - hard anodized finish (why it has the gold color; no colored aluminum sprocket or silver is going to actually be hard anodized - this provides up to 15% increase in life alone), actually with a little thicker coating than other hard anodized aluminum brands, basically the longest lasting aluminum sprocket you can run. Of course if you are concerned strictly with durability and not caring too much about weight, the Works Z is a great option - STAINLESS steel with offset tooth design for self cleaning. Weighs 30-50% less than standard steel depending on the application, but is 6-8 times more durable than aluminum. Just my two cents
  5. troyracing176

    99-07 Renthal Sprockets fit on 08 YZ450F?

    you should go with the Sunstar 32513 - indestructible. when you need a rear, the Works Triplestar will outlast any other aluminum if you are concerned about life - hard anodizing increases process increases durability over anything else on the market.
  6. troyracing176

    Best aftermarket part you ever bought.

    Best part i've ever installed on my bike HAS to be a Braking oversized front rotor kit. Night and Day difference than stock...not only does it help you stop faster, but the upgrade in feeling is whats really worth noting. OEM brakes are getting better, but trust me, like the saying goes, once you go Braking, you never go back! helps pull chicks too!
  7. troyracing176

    09' KX450 Sprockets

    just to throw it out there, the Sunstar Works Z is a good option...$89 and comes with hardware. weighed it compared to the std steel and its nearly 1/2 the weight and the thing doesnt wear out!