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  1. bluey964

    UK/Europe DRZ owners 135 PAJs here!

    I gave up on Allens after ringing them and asking for a 135 PAJ, rang a second time and got the still not in for it. Then went into local Suzuki dealer I bought the bike from and gave them the Suzuki part number 09492-27010 - week later it turns up at cost of £5.97. Sorted! Just put on FMF Q pipe and powerbomb tonight (more neighbour friendly than some exhausts!) and have to remove the PAIR valve and solenoid tomorrow and rejet fully with the PAJ and 160 jet from my JD kit. I had already done the 3x3 with the standard exhaust and will be interesting to see what difference these changes make.
  2. bluey964

    Cool DR-Zsm video! Found it on SMR Magazine site.

    Folks - I just tried to load it and antivirus identified a trojan automatically downloading from that page. Looks like it was a trapped link and those that visited it need to recheck your systems. I use Kaspersky and it gave a warning and blocked the trojan. Caveat Emptor!
  3. bluey964

    What kind of helmet do you wear?

    Depends on mood - Shoei Raid 2 in Grey Metallic or a White Pearlescent Shoei Hornet. The Hornet Dual sport lid definately looks cooler when riding a DRZ, especially with the dark insert on the pinlock... Only problem is at speed the Hornet is noisier than the Raid 2 and your head gets buffeted more due to the peak.
  4. bluey964

    Uk DRZ owners PAIR valve Blanking plate (FREE)

    I'd buy one if they were a lowish cost (less than £5?). I haven't got the time to make one myself at the moment so have still left on the Pair valve and solenoid after rejetting. Also, has anyone managed to get the US pilot air jet (135) to replace the larger UK one from a UK supplier? I tried both my local Suzuki dealer and they didn't have a clue and also Allens performance but they never got it for me.
  5. bluey964

    09 DRZ 400 in UK?

    Makes me glad I picked mine up last September on the 0% finance deal and about £750 off list price! Means almost zero depreciation in a year!
  6. bluey964

    New DRZsm owner in UK

    North East Essex here - yet to see another DRZ around my way!
  7. bluey964

    Finally got the SM home

    Looks almost identical to mine in Blue/white which I picked up three weeks ago! Only mods I have done are blue reflective wheel rims, black hand guards, metal chain protector and Givi E30 topbox onto the rack. Great little commuting and fun bike...just reading on here though is a slippery slope for future mods!