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  1. dylancrf

    Browns camp oregon or lyda camp

    I am not saying how fast I am I'm just saying someone who can stay at a consistent pace not me waiting every single place I go I've rode with a couple people off here and no disrespect but they clearly have barely ridden but say they have I understand everybody has to learn but when a person says oh ya I'm good blah blah then can't keep up it just takes the fun out of a good decent paced ride. So I would prefer if you don't have nothing to say nice just don't even waste your time writing on a thread for no reason just click back and move on. Thanks
  2. dylancrf

    2014 ktm 250xc

    Perfectly said everything I needed to know. When I got my bike of course they put a break in premix which is super rich so I ended up fouling a plug on that tank it would just load up everywhere. But now I'm playing with 50:1 or 60:1 so well see but at start up you really got to pay attention don't just let it sit there and idle or your fouling a plug lol. But that jetting write up i will check that out could definitely help that issue. My next buy is a trials tire my dad swears by them.
  3. dylancrf

    Browns camp oregon or lyda camp

    Not sure what's wrong with that guy But woods rider that sounds like a good deal I could go for a 70 mile loop maybe next weekend we could do that.
  4. dylancrf

    2014 ktm 250xc

    its good you said that because my forks have been felling pretty harsh lol i think i might need to jump up a spring in the rear im about 215 no gear.
  5. dylancrf

    Browns camp oregon or lyda camp

    Possibly you definitely have more wisdom haha
  6. dylancrf

    2014 ktm 250xc

    Sorry for the late reply thank you all for the good advice I've ridden this bike since and man does it make me ride good unlike my crf when I would get in tight woods or trials stuff it would cut out and not bog I think u made a great choice the more I think about the power and snap I get with my 250 compared to a 300 the more I grin
  7. Looking to get a good long ride in at browns but need some people to ride with I've road all my life so looking for someone who can keep up. Let me know or got any questions hit me up
  8. dylancrf

    KTM 250 XC (2013)


    2014 ktm 250xc by far the best bike I've had power to weight ratio in the trails and on the track
  9. dylancrf

    KTM 250 XC 2013

    2014 ktm 250xc by far the best bike I've had power to weight ratio in the trails and on the track
  10. dylancrf

    2014 ktm 250xc

    Well I went to my local dealer to look around and ended up buying a brand spankin new ktm. I was riding street bikes for a year or two and rode dirt bikes all my life goodbye streetbike hello enduro. So far this bike is amazing the power is so luggy but it screams if you want it does exactly what your throttle hand ask for