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    TTR 125 Carb overflow problem

    your float is siting to high. there is a meatle tap in the float the hocks on to the needle if that is not ajusted in the right posion it will over flow, if its to low it will not give it any gas at all. Use a profile gage and refer to the float hight specks.Or if you had the carb right out of the bike, it might not have be put in level. if it is tilted enough gas will pour out if regardless of float hight.
  2. hOW DO YOU REMOVE THE SHIFTER SEAL FROM A 1999 YZ 80/ Do you need to take off the cover? is the seal ruder or other matirial? All i know is it is leaking gear oil BADLY. Also is a 1995 yz 80 an identical to a 1999 yz 80 { parts wise}