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    2010 MV Agusta F4
    2005 HD Softail Deluxe
    2003 KTM 450 EXC Plated(DualSport Newbie)
    2001 YZ426 Supermoto AZ Plate(BasketCased by SCM-RIP)
    2001 KX125
    2001 YZ85
    1968 Ducati Monza(Living room art)
  1. Lead Farmer MFR

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    Just returned from Burro Schmidt area. Been a while and the area was filled with quads. Seems to be mostly Honey Boo Boo types, sleeveless shirts, camo pants or shorts. When in camp they just do endless donuts in a retard ritual (booze fueled or inbreeding?) mindless of the clouds of dust they create being blown over to adjacent campgrounds. Coming into camp they seem to always need to "pitch it in sideways" roosting adjacent campgrounds in a display of quad skills....ZZZZZZZZZZ. I guess it impresses the Hoople Heads as they all applaud this simple maneuver requiring zero skills. Out on the trail I never see them as we move too fast, and actually hit the technical rocky single tracks, climbs and avoid the roads if possible. When on the trail there is usually a huge pack of slow moving quads and we just pull over and let the dust settle. They are great for women without balance or if you have been injured, but guys just look lame on them.
  2. Lead Farmer MFR

    Any shorties in here? VIDEO: How To Shave Down Your Dirt Bike Seat

    Great video, very helpful. I'm getting ready to shave seat on my YZ80 so shorter riders can ride it. Thanks for the info.
  3. Lead Farmer MFR

    2012+ WR450F: Suspension setup question: "Pogo Stick"

    Many thanks for clarifying suspension settings and tuning. I just returned from Burro Schmidt Tunnel (desert ride) with a friend on a new 2012 WR450. He was pretty beat up riding it, but never put any work into dialing suspension in. It's like pulling teeth trying to explain suspension settings. Thank you very much for a clear methodology for tuning. Now I just have to talk him into spending a day of test and tune. He's a chef and uncomfortable with anything mechanical. Thinks he can just drop it off at the shop for them to adjust. After watching him and discussing the worn out two-strokes he's ridden previously, I think he needs a plush riding, very compliant and forgiving setup for slower speeds and a beginner-novice rider. The settings (baseline) are going to be an enormous help.
  4. Lead Farmer MFR

    Am I to small for a 125 or 250

    Two cents from an old timer: I'm currently setting up a 2001 KX125 for a mix of both (trail-desert mostly) and occasional track if there is an event for super Vet 50+. I used to have a motocross track on property (see pool contractor for free clean dirt) and the 125 still hauled my grown man ass pretty quickly once I adjusted (dusted off old skills) to how 125s were meant to be ridden...WFO and slammed into berms, high RPMs at all times and staying hard on pipe. Big change from my 500 2 strokes which can be lugged and short shifted. This KX will be set up primarily for off road, and have a 18 and 19 rear wheel, flywheel weight, gearing, pipe options depending on terrain. Check out some videos or watch the 125 Pros at local track (oops, there are no more 125 classes) if you can to watch their lines and methods for carrying speed through turns. I watched Hannah, O'Mara, Bailey and countless others at local SoCal tracks and they were amazing to see in action. 125s are light, nimble, flickable and reward aggressive style. Maintenance is easy and less expensive than the 4 strokes and they make beautiful noise. Cut the seat down if needed, set suspension up for your weight, pay attention to sag. The height only comes into play when you are stopped. You already know how to ride, so height isn't that much of an issue once rolling. I'm also rebuilding YZ80 for my girl with a cut down seat so she can touch ground, but she's total newbie. Good luck and enjoy riding with your buddies. KEEP IT PINNED !!!!
  5. Lead Farmer MFR

    Am I to small for a 125 or 250

    Both my kids made the move to 125s at an early age. The younger one was too small to touch the ground with both feet but learned to adapt. The extra height and power were intimidating for his first ride. He gave it another try, spent more time on the 125 and loved it. Once under way, the controls are all that need to be reached. The height issue is only a factor when stopping or starting. Cut down seat helps. Go for the 125, get creative on putting a foot down when needed. I used to have someone hold me up on starting line or use a milk crate. Ride fast, have fun.
  6. I think that you are misguided in this assessment. Rider ability plays a huge part in what trails you ride, and what are defined as "trails" differ by rider and experience. I don't take inexperienced riders on difficult trails because I don't want them frustrated or injured. Trails to an experienced rider can be very intimidating to an inexperienced rider. I try to tailor rides to experience, sometimes spending the day on training a new rider and helping them improve their skills. I've been riding since the early 70s and remember the dark days of four strokes (heavy and slow, budget suspension, big $$$ to upgrade). I've rode small bore two strokes up to my CR500 and KX500 in all conditions. The XR400 was a highly prized bike for many years and still is. The cost has come down substantially. I have friends that have rode every gnarly trail in sight aboard XR600s. These are inexpensive as are numerous two-strokes. I'm fortunate to ride with friends that have numerous bikes to sample and I fell in love with a 2003 450EXC with multiple upgrades to suspension and motor for super cheap. I'm returning to dirt after a hiatus and spend my time between fire road flattracking and hellacious "trail rides" that combine steep technical climbs, buttpuckering descents, rocky single track, fast open sections. My friend "the Hare" is a former desert/scrambles expert and I always know his "trail rides" will be challenging and make me a better rider, but we rarely take any riders that can't keep up or make it through his rides. I've rode WR450 YZ450 CR450 CR450X 525EXC and liked them all despite differences, not weaknesses, just differences. Pick your favorite, dial in suspension, controls, protection to your liking and just ride the hell out of it. I'm not a brand loyalist and own 2 YZs, KX and KTM. My KTM is magical, (ESP suspension) and I love it's tractor-like torque down low during tight technical climbs, strong midrange, arm pulling top end. I would much rather have this well honed weapon pulling me through treacherous terrain, miles from civilization, never missing a beat when I'm worn out, tongue dragging, sucking the camelback dry, than the extra weight, low powered compromises offered elsewhere, plus a license plate is an added bonus. I was ready to pull the trigger on a new EXC500 (which I still desire, maybe retirement gift) when an offer to buy this bike came up. Bikes are like tools. Different tools for different purpose. Bought my ex-GF a Suzuki DR200 for her to learn on and she loves it. Mild power, electric start, both feet touch the ground Fire roads and open desert. She rode my KX125 slowly but loved it's extra power and way better suspension and brakes.. My current GF is going to ride YZ80, with a cut down seat to fit her 5'1" frame. Intimidating, but challenging and she will be sticking to fire roads and desert single track. Have fun, ride within your limits and don't blame KTM for bringing us better machines to keep us old timers riding longer.
  7. Lead Farmer MFR

    Stock speedo/odometer vs. Trail Tech Vapor

    I have an 03 450EXC. I have a Trailtech Vapor that I bought for a supermoto but never installed. My stock KTM unit is starting to crap out, even with fresh battery it is still functioning intermittently. Any thoughts on Vapor versus stock unit. I've heard the replacement stocker is expensive, and I would like the addition of a temp monitor and backlighting. Trail GPS would be nice, but I am considering a stand alone unit, as I have found that devices that try to do everything, usually don't function as well as intended. I also don't like to have to toggle through multiple functions for different operations, thus I prefer stand alone systems and don't mind the cockpit crowded with electronics. Can fabricate mounts as needed. Thanks for your input.
  8. Lead Farmer MFR

    Bike Lift Stand - Which one?

    I have the stand pictured "FMF" and it sucks!!! Great for standing bike if nothing else near or you don't nead to walk near it. Just breathe wrong and it drops unexpectedly. Spend the extra bucks on a quality stand.
  9. Lead Farmer MFR

    Bike Lift Stand - Which one?

    Skip the FMF 3-legged stand. Mine sucks if using it for work. Fine for storing bike, but drops without warning if you so much as bump or touch lift lever with your foot. I prefer solid mount (no assist) bike lifts. "still lifting old school"
  10. Lead Farmer MFR

    Tall enough for a yz125?

    My kid made the jump from an 80 to 125 when he was still pretty small. The desire to ride faster with better suspension and brakes quickly overcame his height obstacles. He got creative with wood blocks, rocks, ruts, side of hill or just shifting leg from side to side to kickstart or put into gear. My girl is having same issue now on YZ80, but recently cured her intimidation (she's 5' 1") by discovering she can hop side to side when stopped. Shaved seats are a good alternative, I wouldn't lower suspension though, as it solves a problem that is only present when stopped. Good luck and enjoy your new bike!!!
  11. Lead Farmer MFR

    2001 YZ426 compatible engine swaps

    I have a 2001 YZ426. Dropped it off for a valve adjustment and the shop managed to wipe out the head in the process . A second shop disassembled and then did no more work for 6 months before going out of business. I now have a basket case. Thinking the cost of a complete 426 would be cheaper and leave me with a lot of spares to sell or use. Any idea what years are compatible bolt-in engine swap? Thanks for your help.
  12. Lead Farmer MFR

    If you could meet one MX rider...

    Heikki Mikkola
  13. Lead Farmer MFR

    i want a maico...

    I had an Adolf Weil Replica 400. Bought for $50 at garage sale. Missing kicker due to it breaking owner's leg (his words). This was about 1991. Never bothered with anything other than admiring it. Mostly complete, beautiful aluminum tank. Sold it to friend who restored bikes for same price, before moving back east. Thought he would be good caretaker. Ran into hin years later hoping to purchase(or at least see) the bike. Unfortunately a methhead relative stole it, never seen again. I'd love to find it if anyone sees a tweaker in ANTELOPE VALLEY/CALIFORNIA selling or trading it. Definitely wish I had kept it. Always admired the big Maicos Circa 78-81 and remember ducking from the roost as they blew by my 125 at Indian Dunes.
  14. Lead Farmer MFR

    i want a maico...

  15. Lead Farmer MFR

    Kennedy Meadow Labor Day - Any takers?

    Did Troy meadows last month to Sherman Pass down to Kernvillle got lost near Trout Creek and had to turn around. Epic single track, rocky climb on return to Sherman Pass from West. I'm newbie but loved the ride. Rode into camp on fumes.