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  1. craigeh123

    Your best Husky Photos for 2009!!

    ill put you all out of your misery it is a catch tank for all fuel lines and radiator overflow, not that it needs it as its going on the road .
  2. craigeh123

    2000 te610 coil/cdi

    how much would you want for it including post to uk ? you could really be helping me out as i need it running as unfortunately im thinking im gonna have to sell it, times are tough and i need a new car which i use everyday !unfortunately the bikes are toys and as you all know toys are the first to go
  3. craigeh123

    Your best Husky Photos for 2009!!

    this is my rather heavily modified 2000 610te which i still havent ridden yet due to needing a coilpack i am selling it if anyones interested as we have a 7month old boy and I just dont have the time to ride it even when i do get a coil sorted !
  4. craigeh123

    2000 te610 coil/cdi

    a new one fromm husky sport non race is £140 , guess i just gotta wait until one comes up on ebay. ive tried breaker searches but nothing has shown up
  5. craigeh123

    2000 te610 coil/cdi

    please help i urgently require this part its ducati energia part number 3099 3240 50 . I can find a race one at the rather nasty price of £225 but im really struggling to find a second hand one . im growing very sick of this husky and to be honest it will be for sale when its finished as its got to that stage where im tired of if it .
  6. craigeh123

    choke issues / hi idle

    more problems ! MY 2000 te610 starts with the choke down but when i shut the choke down the idle stays the same , no other bike i have owned has ever done this . I would also say the idle is extremely hi which makes me beleive its running on choke all the time .Any ideas ? Te actual bracket holding the lever is broken and when i look at the cable it seems as though it is pulling the choke but not allowing it toi return . does anyone have a pic of where the actual lever lives ?
  7. craigeh123

    is it possible to fit later plastics easily ?

    its a 2000 left kicker no e/start (although i wish it had !) its not running an expansion tank . im guessing i would have to replace the tank and seat then ! o well ill just get new graphics for it think it will work out cheaper , thanks for you help and offer of the tank .
  8. I have a 2000 te610 but im guessing its 1999 shape its the one with larger tank shrouds . I want to know what i would need to fit the later 2001 shrouds that only look like a half piece compared to mine ? Is the tank different or just the plastics ? anyone done this ? how about side panels and rear mudguard do these fit ? its just id like to fit a full new set of plastics but for my shape you can only get geniune at atleast £30 per piece !
  9. craigeh123

    husky te610 supermoto 2000

    Possibly for sale depending on any interest . its a 2000 610 race bike , has hm racing parts in the engine , pump carb, full, akrapovic it is very quick . front forks setup by hm racing , protaper bars, brembo radial master cylinder, 320mm brembo disc , morad rims mated to standard hubs . has danger uk graphics and seat covers acerbis handguards, and looks very pretty . It does have battle scars as it is an ex racer . I have been converting it for daytime mot . It has an led rear brake light working off front and rear brake , horn , and a veypour speedo that has been wired in to do temperature and rev counter to . The only thing it needs before mot is a set of road legal tyres and thats it as far as I can see . The only reason for sale is I dont have the time to ride it as we have a new son so it seems silly to keep throwing cash at it ! Im looking for £1600 Pictures are available email me craigeh123@fsmail.net . The bike is in kent uk .
  10. craigeh123

    gear lever 800092944

    gear lever part number 800092944, is this interchangeable with any other lever as i dont really want to spend £46 on this . ive found this lot http://www.motormix.it/catalogo/index.html?id=104160 but my bike is a te610 2000 left kick . does anyone know if any from the link will fit ?
  11. craigeh123

    Replacement radiator for 610?

    there is people out there that can repair them might be cheaper
  12. craigeh123

    Adding turn signals to a 410 WXC

    http://www.drcproducts.com/elect/ezwire/index.html take a look at this kit . im fitting it to my te610 and plan to hookit to the stator
  13. craigeh123

    te610 wiring

    hi there and thanks for your help . i have the owners manual whcih contains a wiring diagram showing those yellow wires joining and going to the lights via a loom (albeit a small one ) . my biggest concern is i will use these wires and they wont produce enough power or may produce to much . heres what i am using wiring wise http://www.drcproducts.com/elect/ezwire/index.html the loom is of good quality the only annoying part is the indicator switch doesnt self centre . it seemed the easiest way to get everything on the bike for a daytime mot. but id like to power it via the stator if i can rather than the 8 aa battery box !
  14. craigeh123

    te610 wiring

    Firstly im new here so hi to everyone and thanks to dmin for helping me register to the site . I have just purchased a 2000 te610 left hand kick model . It has a crazy history it was owned from new by the guy i got it from , converted to supermoto and has had hm racing parts installed to the engine (loads of them !) its still in race trim at the moment while i convert it back to road legal (ish) status . The biggest problem is fitting lighting as it has been stripped of its main loom . it still has a yellow wire coming from the stator (female)and a yellow wire from the regulator(male) . I have purchase a drc loom kit and tail light that runs off 8 aa batteries but im thinking i could supply the positive from the stator and earth it to the frame so i can run it without batteries . looking at the wiring diagram the 2 yellows provide the feed for the headlight and tail light from factory please could someone confirm this ? also is there 12volts at these yellow wires when running ? would i need to connect both yellows together then connect to the positive on my new loom ? the new loom has a 2 pin block connector one side earth on side pos i can splice to . i would try and work it out but i cant run it as i have the tank off etc etc . it also has a straight through akrapovic on it and a pumper carb so i dont want to upset the neighbours or idle it to long ! sorry for such a long first post !