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  1. 2-STROKE

    Never Buy a non-factory radiator!

    Bought a set for my kx500 and they suck. Had to drill holes out, shorten the length of the left rad inlet tube, and cant mount my fuel tank because the crossover tubes come out of the rads too far and hit my tank. And fin guards don't fit. Not sure yet how i will fix it, and I haven't even tested them yet. THEY SUCK! Oh, and Ive got more money in tools than you've probably spent on cars JBFL. Im a professional and these are poor without a doubt.
  2. 2-STROKE

    KX (RM) 65 bogs and dies at WOT

    It sounds like it's either dirt in the main jet, or there is an air leak around the intake side of the engine. In my experience, bog at wot is lack of fuel or too much air. Hope it helps.
  3. 2-STROKE

    KX500s hoes does it compair to a CR500?

    FYI, I have a '94 KX500 with a 540 big bore kit from LA Sleeve and it's freakin narly. You can bore with a power valve, as mine is. No sleeve, plenty of meat in the jug for boring.
  4. 2-STROKE

    KX500 TOPIC

    Maybe it's not a topic I mean. A whole section maybe , like the Kawasaki 2-stroke section, Kawasaki 2T 500 Section?
  5. 2-STROKE

    KX500 TOPIC

    Hey, I think there should be a KX500 topic in here. It's pretty frustrating to search endlessly for info with it be so scattered. Is there already a better way to find 5hundie info on here?
  6. 2-STROKE

    Kawasaki Parts Reference

    So I changed my mind about makin my 500 a motard, little pricey. I'm keeping it for the dirt. I installed a new seat cover and graphics kit so far and want to change the plastic a bit. I've seen the '93 kx250 rear fender works best and looks best (IMO) so that's what I will use. My question is, I'm sure any front fender will work, just drill me holes, but what front number plate will work? This will decide what fender I get. Newer fenders and plates are basically form fitted to each other. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ahh, crap. I forgot about... 07 Drz400SM (07-11) Super fun, get in a lot of trouble, whopping 38hp bike. Big transition from a built 250 smoker to 400 thumper. That thing was a dog. Lol. Now that's funny!
  8. Figured I'd post picks of the first and last since I've still got 'em.
  9. 87 YFM200 DX (95-current) 87 YZ80 (97-98) 90 CR250R (98-00) 95 CR250R (00-13) 94 KX500 (current) Pretty cool topic. Brings back memories. I definitely went from an 80 to a 250 at 13. My father didn't want to buy me another bike that wouldn't be permanent. I was great at crashing. That thing ripped with my 130lb? butt on it. Lol.
  10. Hey, y'all. I've got an old moto 4 and can't find the air box LID. I've searched the web and can not find one to purchase any where. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a rear mounted cover. Yamaha part # Cap, Cleaner Case 129U-14412-00-00. Thanks and God bless.
  11. 2-STROKE

    Who is purposely running an older bike?

    '94 KX5hundie over hear. Braap!
  12. 2-STROKE

    Kawasaki Parts Reference

    Ok, thanks.
  13. 2-STROKE

    Kawasaki Parts Reference

    I have a '94 KX500 that I'm turning into a super moto. What do I need to make SM (17") wheels front and back? I'm looking for specifics. Thanks, y'all.
  14. 2-STROKE

    kx500 too much?

    Hey, I recently purchased a 94 KX500 with a 540 kit. I'm 28, 5'10, 185. It's by far the meanest bike I've ever ridden. I bought the bike from my father, who bought it stock and built it to run hill climbs but with stock swing-arm. I rode the bike years ago before he put the big bore kit on it, but haven't after until just recently when I bought it. The 500's are big, wide, tall, insanely fast and will rattle your fillings loose (mine does anyway). I say go for it, bud. I like the roost they throw. I also like to shut up the 4 strokes. Good luck buddy. You'll have a hill climb monster between the legs.