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  1. Am I missing something? Is there a pertinent link on the Yamaha page that I can't find? Thanks
  2. What are you guys using for case gaskets? I was thinking permatex anaerobic gasket maker, but dont trust the way it doesnt really dry. I have used their motoseal ultimate grey gasket material for clutch covers with great results and think it would be good for cases as well.
  3. I need a little help. I am rebuilding my new yz due to a blown stopper lever bearing and have split the cases to clean out the debris. I did not remove the crank from the left side. After rejoining the halves, I put the drive gear assembly back in the following order: Thrust plate, drive gear with the thicker projection inward, governor gear, plain washer, and then the nut. My problem is that when the thrust plate clears the splines on the crank, I cannot figure out what keeps the thrust plate centered on the shaft, as it is grooved behind the splined segment of the crank, and the thrust plate sits over this grove. It also seems the crank seal is a bit proud of the case and reluctant to seat further, but this doesn't affect the thrust plate. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. tm450 bored to 490 w/ high compression piston. mostly terrifying because of the absence of braking!
  5. Same thing happened to my 2 month old 09. Yamaha no help, dealer either. I was told that yamaha is aware of some failures, but "nothing unusual".
  6. Three strips of double sided tape on the bar and lighter fluid in the grip
  7. "Temp", French word for time,sic times.