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  1. It cannot be done.
  2. Sent mine. Spent 4 days in the Moab area with my dad (placelast) earlier this year. Had a great time.
  3. Yes, this gentleman is correct. I read the Order a week ago on the USFS site. They've got it closed up on the Order until June, if I recall correctly. Regardless of the opening date, it is currently closed.
  4. whahahah that's a good one. Hopefully a good guy gets into this position.
  5. Very nice photos! I have good memories of an enduro (TWMC) which I participated in there, as well as occasional rides there with my dad. I see that the spring flowers are settling in. Too bad Fraiser Mountain and it's associated trails and roads are also closed, according to a bulletin I read on the USFS site.
  6. Here's for a first post...I submitted a letter, and also sent an invitation to my parents and brother as well. More signatures the better!