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  1. Try to weld a extension on the clutch arm. This worked on my 01 yz426.
  2. Adding washers will help, limit movement. Do not stretch the springs, this will put the steel beyond its yielding, which will possibly break the spring. Glenn
  3. Very good MNMike............Did not know that thanks. Glenn
  4. whats the stock main? Glenn
  5. The explaination I gave you is a theory of mine, but that is the only thing I can come up with. I have a 84 with a 85 engine and it will start without the battery via kickstart. Hope this helps. Glenn
  6. The reason for it is:::::::::::::When you turn on the turn signal, there is not a drop in power to the engine.
  7. Use the Stock and put a dyno jet kit in it. Put a pipe on it and open up the airbox. Your bike will rev hard.