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  1. Its just something ive heard and read...don't know thats why i was asking
  2. Anybody out there put the pro circuit t-4 system on they bike? How did it work i hear its great, maybe even better than the yoshi pipe...
  3. thnks for all the help...
  4. i believe so, im no motox electrician...wasnt that complex, so i thought
  5. i did that, i kept the factory wiring clips and just cut the wires from the stock signals and spliced with the new ones....
  6. any flasher from grote u recommend, i looked and a 2 prong with ext ground
  7. also do i need a flasher for each side
  8. thnks, i assume, and do i wire them near the unit itself or up front by the headlight..
  9. I bought and installed some motoled led turnsignals,wired em up and they dont light up, flash, or anything..ive seen some post bout relays, anybody gots any ideas...