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    05 wr450 Starter not disengaging

    buff I have done a lot of reading on here and there seems to be a lot of talk about when the battery is low there is a clicking from the solenoid. For some reason I did not think it was a solenoid clicking last night for two reasons. It sounded more like mettle grinding and that the bike would not start afterwards, even after 30 min. It seemed like the starter was holding it form starting. Anyway this morning I tried it again. I gave the throttle two twists (thank you TT), pulled the choke and one kick she fired right up. I must have flooded it last night when I didn’t let it worm up fully before pushing the choke in. I did try the E button again and it dose sounds like it could be the solenoid clicking. The battery was sitting in my basement for the last couple months. It was fully charged when I pulled it out. I though it would hold a charge better then that. I will be picking up a Battery Tender on my way home tonight. Thank you for your help.
  2. I just pulled my bike out of storage. I put the battery back in, turned the fuel on, and pulled the choke out. I always kick stat it when it is cold as the starter just doesn’t seem to have enough to turn it over. It started right up no problem. I was running for maybe 2 minutes and I tried pushing the choke in. It caused the bike to stall. I thought I would give the starter a try, it cranked it over just not enough to start the bike. I then tried kicking it and nothing. I tried the starter again and it made a terrible grinding noise like it was engaged and not meshing properly. I tried kicking it over again and it sounds like it is turning the starter motor. I tried putting the bike in gear and rocking it back and forth. It didn’t seem to do anything. I just don’t know were to go now. Any suggestions? Thanks Kirk
  3. I am sorry if this question has been answered all ready. I have looked all over. I just installed a Trail Tech and would like to know what the normal operating temperature should be? What temperatures should I set my warning lights to, for when the bike is getting too hot and when I should shut her down? Thanks Kirk
  4. jpkidd

    Melting Plastic!!!

    Thanks Guys, My right number plate still has the stuff on the back. It was the new rear fender that is the problem. I went to all the typical automotive places for heat reflective tape. I didn’t even think about a hardware store. I will check it out.
  5. jpkidd

    Melting Plastic!!!

    I have just installed a new rear fender on my WR450 and noticed on the right side were the plastic slides in between the exhaust and the frame it started to melt when I road it around the block. What have some of you done to prevent this? The old fender looked like it had melted at some point too. It also had some sort of heat shield on it. I have looked around for some of this material and no one seems to have it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kirk