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  1. Riding Altitude - 5300 Weather - 49 to 74 degrees Desert Riding 2010 KTM 250 XC modifications made Stock w/ Gnarly Pipe The chart calls for the following 42* - 60* ASO 1 IJ 35 NDL N8RH POS 3 MJ 168 61* - 78* 1.5 35 N8RW 3 165 Given the temps and the info on the chart would anyone be able to recommend a happy medium setting using the following jets and needles? Would I be able to mix around the needles and Main Jet maybe a different clip position.....anything to accomodate such a large variation in temperature changes. Thanks for any help.
  2. Jubei

    my new 2011 250sx,can't wait to ride it

    Exactly my thoughts, I know many want the latest and greatest but because I am currently in the market for a new bike I've made the decision that this was not the overhaul many hyped it up to be. A great bike it maybe and again when the reviews hit the papers I'll be the first to read however Im comfortable knowing a purchase on a new 2010 will still be a contender.
  3. Jubei

    my new 2011 250sx,can't wait to ride it

    Thats the design you get when you let a Ex-Yamaha factory rider "Stefan Everts" give his input on the design on the bike. I really do hope the bike performs well, but from the looks of it I more excited about the Husaberg 2 stroke line than anything. KTM took a big leap in overhauling its traditional platform, its more Jap like than ever making the bike less unique than it was before. I want a none bias review which is going to be really hard to find being that there is so much hype behind all this. I want to see a KTM v.s. KTM review which the OP has means of doing. Again congratulations on your new purchase and please let us know how it really is, we all know KTM isnt perfect but they either knocked it out the park again with this one or really screwed the pooch, lets hear it?
  4. Can anyone shed some light on these two bikes, Im currently riding a 2003 MXC 300 two stroker and though its a great bike, the bike overall seems BIG. However the power is managable yet an electric start and lights would be a nice upgrade to the desert riding that I do. So I've been looking at the new 250 EXC and EXC-F and I'm searching for more answers on both, mainly throttle responce, power differences etc, thanks a bunch.
  5. I wear a Fox chest protector with my Leatt and have NEVER had an issue, it fits perfect I think
  6. Guys unfortunately I'm parting ways with my bike, it was a great experience but my heart is more so focused on being on a quad and actually being able to ride with friends who own quads. With that being said I'm getting rid of my bike to help put money back into my pocket after just purchasing a new Yamaha 700 Raptor. I have a 2003 KTM MXC 300 with less than 25 hours on it. I am the second owner I purchased the bike from a wealthy fellow who literally had 8 other KTM's sitting in his huge garage. He explained to me that he purchased the bike in 2006 from a dealer who had this bike on the floor for 3 years, the title that I have proves it. The only mods I have is a FMF exhaust system, hand guards, fresh fork seals, seal savers and a aftermarket seat. This bike is literally a 8.5 out of a 10 and you wont find any wear signs on the frame or frame pads. Times are tough right now and the riding hasnt started picking up just yet here in the southwest but I need to move this bike. Whats a fair asking price? Thanks.
  7. Jubei

    300 2strokes

    As someone already mentioned there all good bikes however for resale value purposes I dont think you can beat a KTM.
  8. Looking for a online dealer or shop that can get me some Synergy Seals out to me before Thursday? Otherwise Im forced to go with the pivot work seals that will be coming with my rebuild kit.
  9. Jubei

    Pros and Cons of Rekluse Pro AC

    Foot brake = Rear Right Hand Brake = Front Left Hand Brake = Rear Brake conversion Kit with the removal of the clutch. From all the info that Ive gathered the only simple fix would be to convert the right hand brake so that it effects the rear brake instead of the front. Being that you should use the rear brake 80% of the time it would compliment the Rekluse for those pesky hill climbs that alot of people are saying is a Con for the Rekluse.
  10. Jubei

    Pros and Cons of Rekluse Pro AC

    Yea desert riding can be defined in several different ways, if you've never rode in the desert only one thing comes to mind, open land. However here in New Mexico alot of riding is very technical depending on where you go of course. Currently alot of my riding consists of whoops, elevated rock climbing, tight turns, sand, very steep hills and of course riding in the dried out river beds. I rarely find myself going any higher than 4th gear, and constantly ride the clutch and find myself up/down shifting.
  11. Jubei

    Pros and Cons of Rekluse Pro AC

    I'd like to hear more on this, because I'm on the edge of adding a RK Pro to my Christmas list for my 03 MXC 300. However now Im hearing opinions saying that there not that great for the desert riding/racing, when infact thats all my ride consist of as well as my desire to participate in next seasons desert racing.