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  1. tayjax16

    2009 Graphic Templates?

    Check www.elusev.com
  2. tayjax16

    New plastic for '09 available?

    Check www.elusev.com you can custom make your own graphics, they might have somethin
  3. tayjax16


    I am 6'1" i am around 155lbs i have rode a bunch of different bikes for about a year<my dads, my uncles ktm 300 2t to a guys 2006 CRF250F etc> I really don't know how my experience is cause this would be my first Japanese bike. I have a guy i work with that will be working on my bike, but i will do the average things like oil changes, filter cleanings ect. I would love to try mx but i will just be riding everywhere from up the mountain to the desert. I just found a 2006 KX250F for $2300 i have heard that they are great bikes
  4. tayjax16


    I have found several 04 and 05 YZ250Fs for around 2500 bucks around here.
  5. tayjax16


    A $2,000 250F would be very very to me. That's a time bomb for sure IMO. If you're just starting out DON'T get a 250 smoker. A 125 is better to learn on but then again so is a 230cc air cooled trail bike. IF i was to get a 250F i would probably spend around $2500, do you think i could get a god one for that price?
  6. tayjax16


    What about a 250F i am a pretty new rider, would that be a better bike to start on?
  7. I am in the market for a 2-stroke, and i was wondering what you thought was better a suzuki or yamaha two stroke i will have around $2000 any suggestions on years would also be greatly appreciated. I am also wondering what to look at when buying one to know if it has been treated right. I am new to the two stroke world so anything you can help me with i would appreciate.
  8. tayjax16

    Whats The Difference?

    Well I have found two 2006s for sale and one is anniversary and one is not and they are both around 3k. Which should i get?
  9. What's the difference between the Regular 2006YZ450F and the Anniversary Edition 2006 YZ450F besides the Yellow Plastic?
  10. tayjax16

    06 Yz450f

    Those are great deals i hope i can find somethin like that
  11. tayjax16

    06 Yz450f

    Nope no extras extremely stock!
  12. tayjax16

    06 Yz450f

    There are tons of 07s being sold around here for about $3600 does anyone know why.
  13. tayjax16

    06 Yz450f

    I have found an 06 YZ450F for $3200. Is that price a little steep or is that okay. Please let me know.
  14. Hey I am looking for a new bike and i am wondering which people think is better. An 05 YZ450F or an 06 YZ450F or possibly an 07. I know that the 05 has a steel frame and a 4 speed tranny, and the 06 has an aluminum frame and a 5 speed tranny. Which one do you think is better, or is there really that big of a difference. I have about 3K which do you think will be the better value for the money.
  15. Hey i am new to thumpertalk and i am in the market for a new motorcycle. i am 6 1 and 160lbs i am leaning towards a 450. I don't know much about either bike. I just have been told that they have the best valves, so that is what i want so i am not paying a grand to fix it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks