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    riding my Suzuki SV650S, or my Yamaha TT-R 230, reading, playing xbox360
  1. oz7322

    What about neck braces???

    I swear by my Leatt. I'm sure I would have done some serious damage when I had my "nasty" this past summer. Face planted, flipped over, and landed on my back. My neck was not sore at all. They were reculant to remove my helmet, thinking I had done damage, but I said to get my helmet off, my neck is fine, my leg isn't. I started with an EVS neck brace, and it just never felt comfortable. The Leatt is great. Once you get used to it, you don't even realize it's there. CTI knee braces will be here soon, awaiting the spring thaw for riding.
  2. oz7322

    Update to my "season"

    Well, here's another installment of how my knee is doing. Just after 2 months, just about back to normal on bending. 141 degrees on my left knee, surgery knee. Right knee is 146. PT twice a week is going well. Working on strengthening exercises now. Lots of leg presses, and hip flexors, lunges, planks, etc. Just a little swelling left above my knee. Don't think that will ever go away. Scar looks great, not too gnarly at all. Got fitted for CTI braces for both knees for next season, since insurance covers a major portion, I couldn't pass that up! About 2 1/2 weeks after my surgery, hubby broke his ankle on a dual sport ride. Then, he got a blood clot. So, really didn't get a lot of laying around time before I had to look after him. Was only on crutches about 2 weeks, then 1 crutch for a few days, then cane for a week for balance. I'm really glad I got it done, and hope it continues to improve. Next Dr.'s appointment in December. Hopefully, that will be my last appointment. He is very pleased with my progress as well.
  3. oz7322

    Update to my "season"

    Here's the post surgery update. Had my surgery this morning. Went off without a hitch other than had a hard time waking up from sedation. They did a femoral nerve block. They say it takes the pain level from a 8-9 down to a 2-3. Lasts 24 hrs. Also have demerol and anti-inflamatories to address pain issues. Have a Continuous Passive Motion (CMP) machine that I have to use for the next 21 days. Have to do 3 two hour sessions per day. For those who don't know what this is, it constantly bends the knee to work on range of motion and to cut down on stiffness. PT will also be scheduled this week. Crutches/no weight bearing for 6 weeks in order for the bone to heal. They drill into the femur and tibia to attach the tendon, using titanium screws to hold it until the bone starts to regrow around the screws. The Dr. also shaved a bit of my femur to help with motion. Seems on women, it's really tight in the knee area, which is a factor in the ease of tearing the ACL. So by shaving, it gives the tendon more room to stretch without snapping in half. Dr. was overall impressed with the way my knee looked. He was pleasantly surprised to not find any indications of arthritis. Will continue to update this thread on pain/improvements.
  4. oz7322


    Thanks Deb. Keep us posted, and I'll update my thread as well.
  5. oz7322


    Haven't been on here in a while, but, dayum! Deb, gots to be easy. Man, I was bummed about my knee, but I feel stupid now. Doesn't hold a candle to your injuries. My surgery is next Tues. (Sept. 20). Hope all goes well with yours, and the therapy. Heal fast, and ride safe.
  6. oz7322

    Update to my "season"

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I'd go back to another class in a heartbeat. Just guess next spring, I'll have to work on what I learned the first day. I was kinda worried about that weekend because I listened to it pouring rain the entire Friday night. 2 things I "hate", mud and ruts. But, I was ready to conquer my "fears". Alas, it wasn't to be. Shane is a great instructor, and his assistant Dave was great too. I was very impressed that Shane even called my cell phone Sunday evening to see how I was doing. Class act all around.
  7. oz7322

    brand new girlie saying hello!

    Welcome to our "little" world. Getting the baby some seat time. Good for you. I started on a TTR 230. Just a smidge too tall for me, I was tippy toeing, and man, was it sooo heavy. I ride a KX100 now, 150lbs. is much more manageable for me. I can see a YZ in your future. Good riding and good luck.
  8. oz7322

    New rider - Hi all!

    Welcome! Nice pics. Hope you have a great time learning to do something sooo fun.
  9. oz7322

    Update to my "season"

    It's been a while since I've been on here, so I thought I would throw up an update. I'm pretty much done for this year. Went to Shane Watts Dirtwise Academy in June in Crawfordsville, Ind. Part of the course we rode is used for GNCC. First, great class. I would highly recommend it for anyone. Learned loads. Second, I crashed bad. Practicing riding straight line ruts in a field. You start out slow and increase your speed each pass. My front wheel started to come out of the rut, and I dabbed. Wrong answer, my foot got caught, twisting my left knee sideways. This pulled me to the back of the bike, causing me to WOT. Next thing I remember is seeing the ground as I face planted, snapping my neck back, and flipping me over. The pain was nothing like I had ever experienced. Luckily, I wear a Leatt neck brace, and received no injury whatsoever to my neck. No pain at all. +100 for the brace! Damages as follows; busted my nose (not broken), just swollen and bruised, bruised right hand from thumb to wrist, ligament damage to left middle finger. And now the biggie...strained right medial collateral ligament, slight tear in lateral collateral ligament, and complete tear of the anterior cruticate ligament. Spent the rest of June and July in rehab, getting back range of motion/strength. Awaiting date for surgery to replace the ACL. This happened with about 1 1/2 hrs. left in the first day of class. Of course, we missed the second day, as we went home and I went to the ER. Words cannot describe how bummed I was and still am. Can't ride either my dirt bike or street bike as I cannot trust my knee won't buckle on me. Notice there have been some injuries to others here, and a big shout out and get well to all who have been injured. Will update after surgery.
  10. oz7322

    Ladies MX in Dayton, Ohio area

    Bud's Ranch in Enon is close. Also known as ohiohiddenspringranchatvriding.com. Check out their website. Woods for both ATV and bikes. Not too gnarly. Then there is Dayton Dirt Riders in Moraine. That is a club with yearly dues. Hilly single track there, Dayton Motorcycle Club also has a MX track across the road. Also another place near Green Co. Career Center. Similiar to Bud's.
  11. oz7322

    Possible "new to me" wheels in my future

    Not looking anymore. Decided the KX is good enough for the time being. With the 12oz FFW it goes really well in the woods, so time to add the lights and just be done with it. Maybe down the road, look at the new KTMs, since they have linkage. Between the linkage and shaving the seat, I should be able to ride a big bike.
  12. oz7322

    Possible "new to me" wheels in my future

    Well, it was a bust. Quite a bit of work to be done. So, we're back to idea #1. Going to get a stator and light kit for the KX.
  13. Well, found a great deal on a '03 KDX 220R. Going to go look at it tomorrow. Still planning on keeping my KX tho. Hubby and I were talking about putting a stator and light kit on the KX, so I can ride dual sports. But, found this pristine, barely used KDX. So, hopefully it'll all work out. Have the KDX for dual sports and the KX to play on. Win, win, as I see it. Plus, in a pinch, hubby could use the KDX if his bike was broke. I'll let you all know how it shakes out.
  14. oz7322

    Supercross 2011

    I'll chime in for RV. Dungy is a decent rider, but his dominance last year was due to lack of true competition. For some reason just not impressed with him. This year, he is consistent, but with RV, JS, CR, and Trey, he isn't the wonderkind everyone made him to be. I really like the fact the points are so close. Sad to hear Trey is out. He really impressed me with his fearlessness to bang bars with the big boys, and the fact his is so humble. As for lites, was rooting for Lil Hanny on the West, but looks bad since he hurt his hand again. I'll guess I'll have to stick with the green bikes of Tickle and Rattray, although Rattray is not riding at 100 percent. On the East, it's a toss up. Prefer Ryan Sipes, and Dean Wilson. Anyone but "Bam Bam". My opinion is Barcia is a little to dirty on the track.
  15. oz7322

    Is it the right thing?

    TJ, Good tidings for a full recovery for your daughter. I used to be very active in martial arts years back. Blocked a kick and buggered up my elbow. 80% ulnar compression= numb ring and pinky fingers. Even after surgery involving moving the nerve bundle from the "funny bone" area and a tendon release, it wasn't exactly right. It took quite a while to feel half way decent. There are still spots on my arm that if I touch or rub it, I feel it on a different part of my arm. Hopefully, with time, she will heal completely. As for the Camaro, be careful, the 6 cylinder does have a lot of get up and go. A guy I work with has a 6 cyl. Camaro, and it's pretty quick. We have the SS and it's scary fast. Maybe your wife should read some of these posts. You can be a responsible parent, and bad things can still happen. Hopefully things will work out for you all, and your daughter can be involved in the decision making process.