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  1. Did some research and a XL350R 84-85 will also work, same part number. Also many of the offroad bikes will work just that they have slots. Found a almost new rotor on ebay off a XL350R. Funny most people on ebay do no list all the models theirs will fit so you have to go through the list...some are charging way to much for there parts. XR600 85 to 1990 XR500R prolink 83-84 CR500R 84-88 XR250R Prolink 84 to 190 and CR250R 84 to 88 Still need that sprocket. NB
  2. First day riding bike and I noticed a fairly loud rattle but only under med to hard load when cold and warm...noise goes away when fully warmed up...sounds like in the top end, almost like pinging but you would think it would still do this when hot. Bike has 10K miles on it...fresh oil. Thanks, KC
  3. Looks like my 85 XL600R has a bent front brake rotor...any good places on the web to get a good used one? What years to look for, other models that will work? Mine is beyond strighten out as the previous owner tangled with a rock. Also need a front 15T sprocket. Thanks,
  4. Can I run a 4.60x17" tire in the rear of my 85 XL600R? Or is that going to be to low as I noticed that a 5.10 is a lot taller! Hmmmm.....someone give me the tire low down thanks, Ken
  5. Looks like the orginal seat cover was ripped up and the foam started to deterate where is was ripped...was able to fill in the hold with some high denisity foam and then applay a 1/2" layer just on top which was glued with M90 spray adhesive...heated up the seat cover and stappled it back in place...looks good now!
  6. Just picked this bike up yesterday for $1100 with 10K miles on it. The stock seat cover (ceet) is ok but the foam is either falling a part or someone tried cutting in down then reinstalled the seat skin...yuck! Question...what bike years will fit this model year? And where can I get a new foam section and cover...used would be even better. Also is there a spec page for this year bike? Was wondering how fast it would be in the quarter mile too? thanks, Ken
  7. kctrading

    Wireingdiagram ( Tachometer install)

    Nice setup! What brand/PN is that tach? Thanx, Ken