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  1. same here man, they always do the right thing
  2. shit. my bad haha
  3. where is the pic/vid
  4. maybe its just you and you can't seem to tell them what the exact part you need is
  5. i don't see how his on his shin is even from a peg
  6. what is it?
  7. so far with the hospital bills were up to $1,200 with all of this. and i still have to go to this infection person that chages $1,000 each time i go. and ihave to go every monday
  8. no my shoe slipped off before it hit the peg. and yeah i got the infection 3 weeks after i cut it open
  9. upload ur pics copy and paste the IMG code:thumbsup:
  10. so far i haven't been able to ride for 6 weeks
  11. the only thor gear that looks good is the stripes and polkadots
  12. yeah if they didnt figure out what the infection was soon i might have lost my foot
  13. I thought this was NICEST honda