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  1. YoungNastyMan

    Only runs with hotstart

    Replaced the pilot jet today and the bike ran great. Probably need to fine tune the jetting and fuel screw, but for the most part its great. Thanks for the advice!
  2. YoungNastyMan

    Flywheel Weight

    Steahly makes a bolt-on weight as well as a replacement flywheel. Just ordered a 13oz for my 2004 YZ 450. You can use this chart as a rough guideline to the weight you might need: http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/recommendation_charts.htm
  3. YoungNastyMan

    Only runs with hotstart

    Definately possible. It took a good 10min to dislodge the crust that was built up inside there. I'll be picking up a new pilot today and trying it out. Thanks for the help, and I'll update with results.
  4. YoungNastyMan

    Only runs with hotstart

    Thanks, and I'm sure it is the HOT START that I'm pulling to get the bike to run. (shifting was a little difficult holding the clutch with one finger and the hot start lever with the other) And when I cleaned the carburetor, I removed the pilot, the main, the needle, and gave everything a good cleaning. The pilot jet was in bad shape. Had to attach safety wire to a dremel and ream the crap out of it, literally. And the accel. pump is functioning just fine. Tonight I blew compressed air through every oriface, so I'll see if that did anything. My understanding of the HOT START is that it allows more air into the mixture, making it leaner and easier to start a hot engine. So if I need it engaged just to run the bike, that would indicate that I have to make my mixture leaner by changing the pilot jet to a #40 or turning the fuel screw in a bit. But I'm concerned because i shouldn't have to deviate much from the stock settings if its just a bit cooler outside. Especially just to get the thing to idle on its own. Or should I?
  5. YoungNastyMan

    Only runs with hotstart

    I'm resurrecting an '04 YZ450 from deep storage. Still has original tires with the little nubbies and paint on em, so it is really in great shape. Probably still needs a break in... I just replaced the coolant, oil+filter, plug, and pulled the carb. There was a lot of gunk in the carb obstructing the jets but I soaked it and blasted it with carbclean. I could only get the bike to start with the hotstart engaged. And once its running, it really wants to die if you release the hotstart. So I rode the bike around with the hotstart pulled and it seemed to run fine. A couple quick yanks on the throttle and it was like setting off controlled explosions around my neighborhood, craazy bike. However, when I release the hotstart the thing drops in idle rpm (i have to twist the throttle or it stalls) and seems very rich, boggy. I'm riding at sealevel and ~45 degrees F in Seattle. Stock jetting in the carb. I didn't have the chance to blow compresed air in the carb, maybe that would help?
  6. YoungNastyMan

    winter storage

    Reading these posts has me a little worried. I'm the proud owner of a 2004 YZ450 that has been sitting unused with old gas in it for 3 years. Cleaned the carb out and it runs... Not sure what damage may have been done though....Any suggestions on getting back to 100%?
  7. YoungNastyMan

    Convert to a woods bike or ???

    Last weekend I finally got out and cleaned the carb, changed the fluids, etc. Started it and man did it rev! This was my first time sitting on anything other than my XR and I was blown away. It really was scary fast. That said, it was easy to stall, 1st gear felt too tall and 4th gear felt too low. It's really surprising to imagine it could ever have much grunt down low, but I guess if you can channel all that power, anything is possible. Something else that was on my mind was the jetting. I know these bikes can be finicky, and in an average ride I'll be up and down between 2,000ft-6,000ft above sea level. I had to outfit my XR with a Mikuni pumper carb just to get a wider range of power. Can I get good performance out of the YZ under these conditions? Also thinking about lights and noisy pipe... I just got to thinking, man I bet this bike would tear up the dunes in Florence, OR. I was down there on my XR a couple times and I could have used the extra power. Decisions, decisions...
  8. I should preface this post by saying I've checked many previous posts to learn about converting a YZ450F into a trail bike. I do most of my riding in the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Lots of elevation gain and some pretty steep trails... My XR400 is perfect out here. My unique situation is that I took in a 2004 YZ450F as part of a business deal. The bike is flawless with less than 10hrs on it. It was just sitting in storage all these years... I could sink $$ into it by changing the sprockets, changing the exhaust, putting weight on the flywheel, changing the gears... The list could grow. I'd rather be sitting here with a WR in the same condition, but that will probably be impossible to find. Is it worth it to sell or can I get a good bike through trade? Any suggestions?