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  1. orange man

    Slaven's "Mule port" worth the $$$ on a 200 Xc/w?

    I just had Jeff work his magic on my 300xcw. If what he can do with a 200 is half as good I would say its money well spent.
  2. orange man

    Slavens Mule Port

    Just sent mine of to Jeff this week. Cant wait to I get it back! I will post an update when I do.
  3. MY KTM is haveing some engin mods done but I want to ride this weekend. Does anyone have any jetting sugestions for a 1996 YZ 250, (pro circuit pipeAlt =500' temps in mid 40s)?
  4. orange man

    new 300 xcw jetting problems

    Thanks Eddie I will give it a try tomorrow.
  5. I just bought a new 300xcw, The bike seams to splutters / bubble quite a bit in the bottom (first 25% -30% of throttle range). It is also using way more gas than my friends '08. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Elevation 500' mostly single track 35 Pilot N2ZJ needle 4 clip 165 main 1 air screw