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  1. tparker105

    ADVOCARE Anyone used it?

    I can speak to Advocare products. They are awesome! I was turned on to Rehydrate during and post moto's. Fantastic. Just ordered Spark. Not sure I really need the energy but I can tell you the Rehydrate gels work really well. Far better than traditional gels as Advocare's has electrolytes. Here is the girl I buy them from. https://www.advocare.com/12047327/Store/default.aspx Good luck. Tom Parker
  2. Never heard about the pickle juice approach. :-) Interesting but I get the salt content aspect. I'm a triathlete of 11 years and an endurance guy on moto's as well. I've tried most all products out there to keep muscles properly hydrated during an event to avoid the dreaded leg cramps. I've concluded on this with medical professionals and other pro athletes. Riding a moto is similar in endurance to triathlon. The difference is you are throwing around a 250ish pound bike. The body needs electrolytes and some protein. Proteins are slow to break down. Carbs are fast burners. I now use a product by Advocare: https://www.advocare.com/12047327/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=A1403&id=E I use the gels in training rides and the powder in my Camelback for races. Prior to race, I intake a banana (potassium) with a good amount of peanut butter. The potassium helps avoid the cramps. Peanut butter is the protein. The Rehydrate to keep the electrolytes flowing as you sweat. I'll even mix a Rehydrate the night prior to the event to get the extra electrolytes. I live in Arizona so it's hot as hell out here. You can't intake enough out here. LOL P.S. No, I do not sell this stuff. :-)
  3. tparker105

    KTM 350 exc-f lighting setup

    I spent plenty of money trying to find the best solution to this very issue. Keep the stock headlight. Buy the Cyclops helmet mounted light. Its extremely bright and u can point the beam wherever u want. No messing w stators and electrical on the bike. My brother bought that Trail Tech round 3 light set up. Also had to buy a stator. My Cyclops is far brighter. He ended up getting the Cyclops too.
  4. tparker105

    2014 Enduro video

    That's sweet~~
  5. tparker105

    Riding buddies....

    Hey guys. I'm looking to ride wildcat this Saturday early. 30ish miles. bouncy woops and fun single track. Anyone interested?' Hit me at tparker105@yahoo.com
  6. Looking to ride Wildcat this Saturday the 4th. Kickstands up at 8:00AM. Who's in? Looking to do 40ish miles. Half single track, half two track. Looking to not stop much. Like to ride without much breaks for the endurance aspect.
  7. tparker105

    Pima & Dynamite...trails for sale

    Oh man, Wildcat is going to be short lived once this sells Imma thinkin. Grrr! I love it out there.
  8. tparker105

    Looking for riding partners

    Hey Russ, we typically get a small group together. I will watch for your post and see what part of town you will be staying. We do a lot of riding at Wildcat. North end of Scottsdale near Bartlett Lake. Good fun to be had there especially with a bike like you have. tparker105@yahoo.com
  9. tparker105

    Arizona Ride Wildcat in AZ Wed 23rd

    Who's up for riding Wildcat this Wednesday at 7:00AM? Looking to ride about 40ish miles. Fun, physical ride. I'll be on a KTM 450 XC W Post up if you want to join so I know to look for you.
  10. tparker105

    save weight battery

    I looked in to these batteries too for my 450 xc w. End result, I dieted and lost 5 lbs. Now I'm 180lbs. Put a replacement stock battery in. Saved the money and now feel stronger and a bit healthier. Can throw the bike around just fine.
  11. tparker105

    scottsdale dec 4-13

    Yes, you can access Bartlet Damn. I ride this general area quite a bit. Here are some ride reports for you to check out. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=694526 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=676701 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=537108 Keep me posted on your arrival. I'll likely be free to ride on the weekend portion of your stay.
  12. tparker105

    2010 530 xc-w six days or 09 450 xc-w?

    Be cautious of the 09 450 xc w. I have one. Found out the hard way about poor factory rings in the 08-09. Had to have a $1,000.00 top end job done at the dealer as I'm not that kind of wrench to do this job. Go with the 530 if those are your only two options.
  13. Since I just lived this oil burning, bad piston ring experience, before you buy this 530, I would have a serious chat with the dealership on this issues and have the rings replaced with the replacement ones before it leaves the dealership. As for the oil for breakin, just call KTM direct. 440-985-3553 and ask their tech support folks.
  14. Well, I can speak to this one, I think. I just got my bike back from the shop. 2009 450 xc w that was doing the same exact thing. Here is what was done. First a leak down test. They said a new bike would be at about 5% or less. My bike with all the oil burning etc resulted in a 10-12% leak down result. They ended up pulling the head off to find the ring was about 1mm small. That's bad! Now, it's been said that KTM used poor quality rings that year. I can not seem to get KTM to return my messages on this so I feel I am on my own and just moved on. I was told I really only needed new rings but since I had about 140 hours, I know not much for a KTM, I decided to do a whole top end kit. Tomorrow will be my first ride on it so we will see how the oil burning goes. It really stinks and wish I had done more research on this before I bought this bike. Oh well. Also, my bike was not showing any outward signs of leaking oil, smoke in the exhaust etc. I'm told it was sort of vaporizing through the breather tube. I would ride say 45 miles and have to lean my bike over to see any oil in the site glass. Good luck to you on this.
  15. tparker105

    Xc-w 2009 - 2010 - 2011

    I have a 2009 450 XC W. I wish I knew before I bought about it's ability to burn gear oil. Now having to replace piston and rings. KTM built with poor ring quality. KTM not backing it up with warranty. New top end and various other issues. Steer clear of the 09's. 2010's I'm told had worked out their bugs on this oil burning issue.