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  1. what is the biggest u can bore a 2000 yz125 i hear people talk about 167 can u go bigger than that and sleave it what r the pros and cons of doing it . and is it possiable to put a 250 jug or top end on a 125
  2. what one would u buy the 426 is for $1500 the yz250 is bo 2500 and the kx250 is for 3000 they are all perty much stock. the 426 has a fmf power core 3 or something like that exhust system and new chain. and the suspention is set up close to what i need. going to be trail riding and light wood's riding not nothing to crazy what would be the best for that
  3. slopdogg250

    How do i sell a KX 250???

    Do u still have the bike,
  4. Out of the jap. bikes which won would u pick y and what do u ride,250cc i want is for woods,trails,fields,not the track.Which one's hold up the best easyest to work on get parts for are they all the same and how would u set it up pipe, what size jet, tires, what year whould u suggest don't want to spend more than $2500 for the bike.
  5. slopdogg250

    Engine swap can I ???

    2000 yz125
  6. slopdogg250

    what bike company is this

    moto guzzie
  7. Can u put a yz250 motor in a 125 frame i'm sure u can but how hard is it do u have to fab mounts up or will it just fit.
  8. slopdogg250

    What do need to make it a wood hogg???

    Thanks guy's that is what i needed good honest answers i'm not even going to mess with it i'm just going to get a 250 i really do prefer a two stroke so that is what i'll do well off to shopping any one know where i can find a good 2 stroke for 1500 to 2000.
  9. Yeah i have a 2000 yz 125 that has been down for a few years.I want to make a mean wood bike out of it, it needs a top end sould i bore it whille i have it down. I,m 5'8" and weight 275 big boy:smirk: Have around $1000 to spend on it what all else sould i do, and get for it , to make the most tourqe out of it and still have a lil speed.
  10. slopdogg250

    Is it enough????

    Hi all i'm new to the site i have been riding my hole life used to ride mx many yr.'s ago always have 3 r 4 wheeler's have street bike. What i want to know is i want to get back into riding dirt bike not on track but in the woods and trails never really done it much on a dirt bike before. I have a 2000 yz 125 that needs a top end if i fix it my lil brother said i can have it, do ya'll think that is good enough to start on if i get back into i well buy a new bike,yeah and why i asking is i gained alot of weight since i last rode i'am 5'8" and go about 275 is it worth it to spend a lil money on that 125 or just get a good used 250 to start off with thank for all your input P.S. Be honest u won't hurt my fillings.