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  1. uuc328

    Moab this weekend

    I should be there in a couple days. I'm leaving DFW around 12:30 CST
  2. uuc328

    Moab this weekend

    yup, same name as here
  3. uuc328

    Moab this weekend

    Details on the Tacoma plz. I'm a Toyota guy too.
  4. uuc328

    Moab this weekend

    Lucky Bastid!
  5. uuc328

    Moab this weekend

    YT vids look sick!
  6. uuc328

    Moab this weekend

    I'll be there in about a month. Nov. 4th thru the 10th Can't friggin wait!~
  7. uuc328

    Hour meter help

    I use the hardline mount
  8. uuc328

    Trail ride Moab Nov 6-10

    Howdy folks! Who's up for blasting some trails in early Nov.? I'm making the trip from Texas and plan on arriving on Monday the 6th. Haven't been since 2015 and would love to shred with some other riders. I'm not plated but will have a 5x8 with some extra space to get around. Last time I rode Hell's Revenge, Poison Spider Mesa and the Uranium Mine trail. Looking to do these and Kane Creek and possibly TOTW. Hopefully someone with better knowledge of the area will join.
  9. uuc328

    Bottom end kit recommendations 2010

    When I finally get around to doing mine I'll be using OEM.
  10. uuc328

    New valves, won't kick but will roll start

    seized hot start plunger?
  11. uuc328

    2010 CRF250R Cloudy Oil

    The idle on my 2010 is finicky. Too low and she is hard to start, too high and the clutch drags (Rekluse). Seems to increase on its own when HOT. I am constantly adjusting the knob. Have you tried adding in a few RPMs at the adjuster?
  12. uuc328

    What Spare Parts Do You Bring To The Track or Trail?

    I have an old riding bud that doesnt do any maintenance until the night before or waits until we are on location. It is exhausting. Quality list is quality.
  13. uuc328

    Fat bikers?

    At 40# its heavy heavy heavy but I'm still happy with it. The brakes are weak, possibly due to undersized pads or lever/perch flex. I'll be swapping to AVID soon.don't know what PSI I should be running but 7 is comfortable but makes for a ton of rolling friction.