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  1. I went from a 2000 xr400 to a brand new 09 250xcw. I got a chance to test ride several 200s and 300s but couldn't decide and went for the 250 because it could be converted to a 300 if I chose. I'd say get an 08 or newer. If you can find one with the 6 spd, that'd be best. I constantly ride with people on newer bikes and my 09 has every bit of performance theirs do. I have upgraded to the 2016 exhaust, sx head, and gearing though.
  2. sfr4dr

    How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A Four-Stroke Engine?

    This should be re-titled to "Why you should buy a 2 stroke"! Haha. I rebuilt the top end on my 09 KTM last year with 175 hours or so. It cost me about $200. The existing piston had almost zero blow-by so I could have easily waited longer. I did it just because I hurt my knee at work and nothing to do for a few months during rehab! If I got another 4 stroke it would be something with insane service intervals like the WR250R for putting around.
  3. sfr4dr

    Winter Closure. . .

    I got nailed in the Stanislaus just a few weeks ago. The rangers were actually friendly about the whole ordeal. They said they thought the laws were lame but were just doing their jobs. They wrote down our ID's and said we'd get a ticket next time. There was zero mud and the sun was shining. Stupid laws. Hopefully some of the lawsuits against the travel plan establish a new precedent.
  4. The only reason I'd get a 4 stroke KTM in this state is for the plate or green sticker. Otherwise the 300 will do everything the 450 will except ride lighter and be cheaper to rebuild when it's time. You can lug the crap out of a 300 or rev it out and rocket down the trail.
  5. sfr4dr

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    I think those are just rim stickers man.
  6. sfr4dr

    Question for Tahoe and El Dorado Forest Riders

    We might be veering off here. I'm really chasing down why it's red sticker restricted in much of the stanislaus forest yet it's not restricted in the el dorado and tahoe forests. The car smog requirements was a way to compare how those are treated in the two areas. Anyways, here's CARB's first response. I've asked for more info and waiting on a response. Thank you for your recent inquiry about California’s off-highway vehicle (OHV) regulation. I am pleased to respond. The reason there are restrictions in the Stanislaus National Forest is the same reason there are restrictions in most parts of California: the area’s air quality does not meet the federal standard for ozone (smog). Below is a link that will take you to a map that shows which areas in California meet the standard (attainment) and which areas do not (nonattainment). As you will see, Tuolumne County is one such area that has been designated as nonattainment. http://www.arb.ca.gov/desig/adm/2010/fed_ozone.pdf Over the past year the Air Resources Board has received several emails, virtually identical to yours, that bring up and try to make an association between: 1) the Smog Check requirements in Tuolumne County, and 2) the OHV usage restrictions in the Stanislaus National Forest. Attempting to equate the requirements for compliant vehicles (cars & trucks) with those of non-compliant vehicles (OHVs with Red Sticker registration) is to compare apples to oranges. Therefore, I hope to clarify this matter for you as well. It is true that there are counties (or portions of counties) in California that do not require the biennial Smog Check. Some of the factors used to determine this exemption involved analyzing the on-road vehicle population and vehicle miles traveled in these areas. Fewer vehicles means fewer sources of pollution. Fewer miles traveled also means less air pollution; but, more importantly, it means less wear-and-tear on the emission control devices. One of the benefits of the Smog Check program is to identify defective emission control devices, for which manufacturers must enact a recall to correct the problem under warranty. Concentrating the biennial Smog Check program in the more populated, highly traveled areas can reveal such defective devices more efficiently. However, another important reason the Smog Check program isn’t required in places like Tuolumne County is “cost-effectiveness.” In places where there isn’t a large population, it could take a significant amount of time for the owner of a test station to recoup their capital investment for the test analyzer, the dynamometer, etc. While cars and trucks in Tuolumne County are not required to have a Smog Check every two years, the manufacturers of these vehicles conducted the certification testing required by California’s regulations to demonstrate that their vehicles comply with California’s emission standards. However, for OHVs that are only eligible for Red Sticker registration, an important distinction must be made: Red Sticker registration identifies an off-road motorcycle or an all-terrain vehicle as one that does NOT meet California’s exhaust and evaporative emission standards. And because these non-complying OHVs pollute significantly more than OHVs that do comply with California’s emission standards, their use on public lands is limited to those times of the year when the ozone levels do not exceed the federal standard. When Tuolumne County no longer exceeds the ozone standard and becomes designated as in attainment for ozone, then a change in the riding restrictions can be considered. Until then, only those OHVs that meet California’s emission standards will be eligible for year-round use in Stanislaus National Forest. Thank you again for your inquiry. Contact me if you have additional questions or need further assistance. Sincerely, CARB guy ________________________ Air Pollution Specialist Off-Road Controls Section
  7. sfr4dr

    Question for Tahoe and El Dorado Forest Riders

    Here's CARB's current list: http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/1234/files/2007%20carb%20revised%20riding%20seasons.pdf
  8. sfr4dr

    Question for Tahoe and El Dorado Forest Riders

    That's surprising.
  9. Do you have bi-annual smog on your cars in the Auburn/Placerville/Tahoe/Truckee area or do you smog only when vehicle ownership changes? I ask because riding in those areas is not red sticker restricted yet the Stanislaus Forest is restricted but I'm assuming the car smog regulations are the same. There's an indiscrepency there and I've contacted my local air pollution control district and they could provide me with no explanation or air stats and said to call CARB. I've contacted CARB and am waiting on a response. If there's no science or stats behind the decision I plan on challenging the restriction to their board.
  10. sfr4dr

    2009 250 xc??

    The 06 yz is a pretty good bike so I doubt you'd feel much improvement. The brakes and hydro clutch would probably be the most noticeable. As for the 11's and 12's being much better than the 09, it depends on who you ask. If you ask an 11 or 12 owner they'll say it's better for sure! I have an 09 and have ridden an 11 and I couldn't notice anything major however, my bike is sorted and the 11 was still pretty new/unsorted. You can expect each year to be slightly better than the last but they've been so great since 08, it's hard to tell.
  11. sfr4dr

    Considering a move to San Jose area

    If you're really into riding and other mountain activities I'd pass on the bay area. It'll be a huge step back from most places in OR.
  12. sfr4dr

    BLM Steps Up Enforcement at Clear Creek Management

    Someone needs to take of pic of the rangers and send it to OSHA. I'd love for them to be forced to wear tyvek suits and face masks while patroling this "hazardous area".
  13. sfr4dr

    05 250sx vs 05 yz250...Which one?

    For an 05 I'd go with the yz. I just think it was better package back then. 08 and newer I'd go ktm. For Cali why not get an 02 cr for the green sticker? The only thing it would give up is the lighter handling of the 05 yz.
  14. sfr4dr

    KDX 220 For 15 yr old girl?

    I'd go for the 220 with mods to soften it. Two girls in our group have crfs (150 and 230) but aren't too happy with them. The main thing being the weight/performance ratio and the beginner suspension. The girls are solid intermediate riders however. Both are now transitioning off their crf's and into more serious bikes. I think the KDX would be great but I'd put the slow G2 throttle cam on there combined with other mods to smooth the power and a throttle stop (if possible). Oh and yes, you can lug them. It doesn't have old school motocross 2 stroke power delivery.
  15. sfr4dr

    300xcw +/- crf250x, looking for thoughts

    Yup, the OP had a 450r so he might find comparisons to a 250r relevant.