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  1. Out of interest I'll weight it. It's only a little manual.
  2. Toolkit? Going for a 4day run through the Alps (ACT, Dargo,Nimmitebel etc) and need some advice on what to throw in the toolkit. We ('bout 5 of us) will be pubbing it at night and riding unsupported. I will be carring a waist toolbag, wolfman roly bag on the rear rack, front fender bag and maybe a backpack. Any ideas much appeciated.
  3. I have a 606 in mine. A really good allrounder. i'll ride on all surfaces (except snow and sand) from pavement to snotty rocky hills and never had a problemo. Good even wear and no lost knobbies yet. I find with the 606 tyre pressure is cruicial. I run low 20's on the road and mid teens on the trails. I tend to ride like a grandpa though.
  4. Cheers. I'll give it a go.BTW. Why does 2stroke make it run lean?
  5. Fair comment. However.............. This has been shown (anecdotal only) to save the valves on the CRF heads. Got nothing to do with top end lubrication. I think alot of what you put into bikes is fine. I have (and still using ATM) 30:1 chainsaw fuel as it's all i had in the shed at the time. It's gone into my DRZ, Veestrom, sons CRF150RB as well as various XR's including the 650 and my WR450. Never had a problem. Never had a plug bugger up. Never had a bore glaze up. Never. I use Delo oil in all my bikes. Always have, always will. Never had to pull a motor down becuase of oil issues. In an ideal world I would run premium fuel and fully synth oil but each to their own. Current riding setup is standard carby and exhaust, gearing etc. Common altitude is about 400m ASL give or take. Cheers.
  6. It's always done it. Now that it's heating up I'll leave the bike in the sun. I found a warm tank is easier to work on as it flexes a bit more to help line up bolt holes. As for the fuel mix i've heard all crazy things. I was at a club race meet today and quite a few bikes (cRF's) run 100: and 150;1 ratios. 'Spose to help the valves. I'll go back to Ultimate and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise it's carby out time. Bugger BTW I've checked all the cables and they are good.
  7. My CRF mates run 100:1 but I'll go 50:1 for a try. 30:1 is what I run in my chainsaws. On the road I run BP ultimate As for jets I'm not too sure. Don't like getting the big tank off as it's bloody hard to do esp' getting it back on.
  8. hi Fellas, got bit of a problemo you may be able to help me with. My E will develop a fast idle when it warms up esp' on tight single trails. Or maybe i notice it more. This leads to alot of situations where I come into a corner too hot and you know the rest. Bike pretty much a standard carb and exhaust setup but with an Safari tank on board. Having the tank on makes any carby work very difficult. FWIW I have been putting in 30:1 2stroke fuel in it lately.
  9. Good advice. i'll try that next time.
  10. I hope your right. In thinking about it when I fitted the tank to the XR it was summer and the tank was pretty hot and flexable. Not like yesterday when it was about 2C. (I live near Orange, NSW) I lso have force guards on so that may make it a bit more trickier.
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