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  1. kimjohns

    How tight do go when manual doesn't specify torque?

    All fasteners have a sepcific torque metric or a.s.e. Just don't take any chances and be patent till you find the right torque. Don't let a 25 cent bolt cost you a hundred dollars.
  2. kimjohns

    CRF280X Elsinore

    Wow that takes me to back in the day. You nailed it. Put a pickle on it and it will be complete. Great job
  3. kimjohns

    NEW DR250Z Owner....

    Be safe and have fun !
  4. kimjohns

    Looking for DRZ 250 in Pennsylvania....

    Cycletrader has a 2003 for 3000 dollars, it's in New Castle Pa. looks good the phone number is 724-944-6665 good luck .
  5. kimjohns

    2007 info

    Thank You RAMZ for your web site, I've been going there every couple of weeks for the past 2-1/2 years sense I bought my 04 to see whats new with the X. You have helped so many 250x owners and potential owners with the information you provide us on your site. Your pictures and comparisons with attention to detail is so helpful. I'm sure you get these type messages all the time, but I just wanted to thank you and defiantly keep up the work. Thanks KJ
  6. kimjohns

    DRZ 250 will not start

    I mis understood I though you had new gas and cleaned the carb. my bad.
  7. kimjohns

    DRZ 250 will not start

    yes it will
  8. kimjohns

    DRZ 250 will not start

    Azfrnick Do you have a service factory service manual ? It sounds like an electrical problem, There are simple steps you can go through to find your problem in the electrical portion of the book. It could be something as simple as a broken wire . If it is something electrical in one of the electrical system parts you will need the manual to ohm out which part it is. KJ
  9. kimjohns

    DRZ 250 Graphics and Plastic

    Tim did you understand where you could get the graphics from . kj
  10. kimjohns

    14T Countersprocket for 01 Z250?

    I like the 12t .
  11. kimjohns

    How much should I sell my 2001 DRZ 250?

    Is the leak on the rubber gasket on the valve cover ? easy fix, 1200 is to cheap 1500 plus is more like it. I haven't seen go that cheap any where. KJ
  12. kimjohns

    How much should I sell my 2001 DRZ 250?

    Where is it loosing oil from ?
  13. kimjohns

    2001 DR-Z250 Stock Fork Oil Wt/Volume?

    ss-07 or equivalent , 526 ml (17.8/18.5 us/imp oz) I hope this helps, if you ever need any other information I have a factory repair manual just pm me or post it, good luck. kj
  14. kimjohns

    2001 DR-Z250 Stock Fork Oil Wt/Volume?

    Have you gotten the information you need yet, I just saw your post.
  15. kimjohns

    DRZ250 Graphics

    huntgraphic dot com It won't copy and paste. I have the same trouble with tring to copy and paste other web sites. kim