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  1. Yodiracer

    Dirt bike has too much compression

    Sounds like cam timing is off one tooth.
  2. Yodiracer

    Piston wear 05 YZ250

    Maxima Fab 1 is the best filter oil.
  3. Yodiracer

    Hole in my head

    Seal #2
  4. Yodiracer

    Hole in my head

    Seals on valve cover need replaced is my bet. Looks slight though but keep an eye on it.
  5. Yodiracer

    Metal shavings on drain plug

    You need to split the cases, tranny material.
  6. Yodiracer

    17 TE- Motor faliure at 59 Hrs

    Lower rod bearing failure.
  7. Yodiracer

    Knicked piston skirt

    Piston is trashed anyway. Who races with a scratched up/nicked piston skirt?
  8. Yodiracer

    Knicked piston skirt

    You need to either file the nick more to the point where there are no sharp edges all around that area or it will stress fracture at the nick. Buy a new piston.
  9. Yodiracer

    Reed help?

    They are correct.
  10. Yodiracer

    No spark after overheating help

    Stator and Pickup coil are bad. Replace
  11. Yodiracer

    Rear brake prolems

    Buy a Mitivac
  12. Yodiracer


    40 hrs of Desert (NV) on TUSK. Great wheels.
  13. Yodiracer

    Will this fcr work on my 600r?

    55 or 50 leak jet. DO NOT LOCTITE. Grind stop pin on ACP diaphragm to 2mm if it's not already.
  14. Yodiracer

    crank end seal install direction

    The flat side of the seal should be facing you during installation.
  15. Yodiracer

    Honda TRX450R HRC Cam

    Where in the heck can I buy an HRC cam for my TRX450R? Searched the web and can't find it anywhere. Confused